Tesla 2022.44 Software Updates and Release Notes

Last updated 05-Jun-2023

This article covers software release 2022.44 including New Language Support, Always Rainbows, Apple Music, Auto Turn Signals, Bugfix, Camera-Based Detection, Climate Control Fan Speed, Confirm Phone Call Transfer, Contact Lookup, Dog Mode, Emissions Testing Mode via Mobile App, Mahjong, Media Controls, myQ Connected Garage, New Language Support, Scheduled Light Show, Sentry Mode, Zoom Meetings, Bugs Introduced in release, Energy App, Extras, Language, Seat Belt System Enhancement, Track Mode, Auto-Present Door Handles, Bluetooth Gaming Controllers, Exclude Automatic Door Opening at Home, Rear Screen Control, Steam (Beta), Xref Release numbering, Auto Turn Signal, Bluetooth Games Controllers, Contact Lookup/Search, Dog Mode, Highlights of 2022.44.25.1/2, Media Controls (and information cards), Route Guidance, Minor Fixes, Full Self-Driving (Beta) Suspension, Bluetooth Gaming Controllers, FSD Beta v10.69.25 (2022.44.25.5), Full Self Driving (Beta) Suspension, Track Mode, Bugfix (2022.44.30), Bugfix (2022.44.30.1), FSD Beta (2022.44.30.10), FSD Beta (2022.44.30.5), China specific release, Handwriting Keyboard, Mango TV, WeChat Mini Programs. Tesla frequently issue a new software update release to the cars and while not every release includes new features, they do often include undocumented bug fixes. We list the release notes and allow you to search to see how feature areas have changed. We also list counties and car models where the particular feature has been seen.

For information on which versions are on specific models and years, see our Trending Tesla releases and statistics for more information.

Select the Release Family (which will include all sub versions) or enter the search term. You can also search for a version by entering its full number. If you wish to filter by country, use the 2 letter international code e.g. GB for Great Britain, US for United States or AU for Australia. Our results are now based on the release notes actually seen in cars and countries, it is possible we don't have a suitable match in your country although we current monitor cars in approx 50 counties, in which case look at the wider release notes for nearby countries.

Software release: 2022.44

Including 2022.44, (no cars) 2022.44.100, (no cars) 2022.44.2, (<0.1% of cars) 2022.44.200, (no cars) 2022.44.25, (no cars) 2022.44.25.1, (no cars) 2022.44.25.2, (<0.1% of cars) 2022.44.25.20, (no cars) 2022.44.25.3, (0.36 % of cars) 2022.44.25.5, (no cars) 2022.44.30, (0.16 % of cars) 2022.44.30.1, (<0.1% of cars) 2022.44.30.10, (<0.1% of cars) 2022.44.30.2, (no cars) 2022.44.30.5, (no cars) 2022.44.30.8, (no cars)

Regional availability of 2022.44 by model

North America

A more detailed heat map and release statistics are available.

2022.44 Always Rainbows

Always Rainbows

Toybox Improvements

Allow your driving visualization to show Rainbow Road when Autopilot is active. To enable, tap the Application Launcher > Toybox > Rainbow Road > Always Rainbows.

Seen in FR US

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 Apple Music

Apple Music

Media Improvements

Stream over 100 million songs and 30,000 playlists ad-free. Listen to your entire library, discover new music, and tune into live radio stations. To access Apple Music, tap the Apple Music icon in the Application Launcher, scan the QR code with your mobile device, and login with your Apple ID. Note: A Premium Connectivity subscription is required to stream Apple Music over a cellular connection.

Seen in FR US

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 Auto Turn Signal

Auto Turn Signal

New Feature

Turn signals are automatically deactivated when a lane change, branch or merge has been completed. How to activate: Tap Touchscreen > Controls > Light > Auto Turn Signal

This is likely to be regionally locked to open some countries to comply with local regulations.

2022.44 Auto Turn Signals

Auto Turn Signals

New Feature

Turn signals can automatically deactivate upon completing a lane change, fork, or merge. Tap Controls > Lights > Auto Turn Signals.

Seen in FR US

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2022.44 Auto-Present Door Handles

Auto-Present Door Handles

Miscellaneous Improvements

Disable Auto-Present Door Handles while parked at home. To disable, tap Controls > Locks > Auto-Present Door Handles > Exclude Home.

Seen in CA DE GE US

Seen on MSX MSX2021+

2022.44 Bluetooth Games Controllers

Bluetooth Games Controllers

Use Bluetooth controllers to play games in Arcade Mode. To pair a controller, open the Bluetooth panel and follow the on-screen instructions.

2021+ Model S and Model X only, hopefully will also be available to at least the Ryzen equipped Model 3 and Model Y cars as the number of data enabled USB ports was reduced significantly a year or so back.

2022.44 Bluetooth Gaming Controllers

Bluetooth Gaming Controllers

Arcade Improvements

Use Bluetooth controllers to play games in Arcade Mode. To pair a controller, open the Bluetooth panel and follow the on-screen instructions. This feature works best with PS4 and PS5 controllers. Please refer to the Owner’s Manual for more information.

Seen in CA US

Seen on MSX2021+

2022.44 Bugfix



See Release Notes 2022.44 for the release notes family

2022.44 Bugfix (2022.44.30)

Bugfix (2022.44.30)

Bugfix, what appears to be a further bugfix release to the holiday release. The release notes currently reference 2022.44.25 despite this being 2022.44.30

See Release Notes 2022.44.25 for details of the release base.

2022.44 Bugfix (2022.44.30.1)

Bugfix (2022.44.30.1)

Bugfix to 2022.44.30. The release notes still currently reference 2022.44.25.

See Release Notes 2022.44.25 for details of the release base.

2022.44 Bugs Introduced in release

Bugs Introduced in release

The following may be hardware or country specific

  • Temperature display seems to give wildly fluctuating temperatures at times, especially when cold. Possibly linked, the Auto Defogging seems to now stay on much longer, even accounting for the colder weather in the northern hemisphere. We suspect the outdoor temperature may be a parameter to the auto defogging control.
  • Sentry, defaults to not using the cameras. Not so much an issue, but something to be aware of if you like to use camera based detection, something useful in car parks. It’s easy to turn them back in.
  • Charging preconditioning seems to now not sufficiently heat the battery in the cold even after an hours drive with the V3 supercharger set as the destination. This seems to be an adverse consequence of the efficiency changes made in recent releases. Our screen shots elsewhere in the release notes were taken after such a journey.
  • Cabin Overheat Protection temperature can fail to accept a lower temeprature when setting it from the App.

2022.44 Camera-Based Detection

Camera-Based Detection

Sentry Mode Improvements

When Camera-Based Detection is enabled, Sentry Mode will use the vehicle’s external cameras in addition to vehicle sensors to detect a security event while parked. If disabled, the vehicle will only save clips to the USB drive if a physical threat is detected. To adjust, tap Controls > Safety > Sentry Mode > Camera-Based Detection.

Seen in US

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 China specific release

China specific release

Release 2022.44.30.8 appears to be a specific release for the market in China. The features include many features we have already seen in NA and Europ, plus some specific features purely for China which we list under the release 2022.44.30.8

2022.44 Climate Control Fan Speed

Climate Control Fan Speed

Climate Control Improvements

Adjust fan speed intensity while remaining in AUTO climate by selecting between ‘LO’, ‘MED’, and ‘HI’ from the fan intensity selector on the climate control popup.

Seen in FR US

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 Confirm Phone Call Transfer

Confirm Phone Call Transfer

Phone App Improvements

Active phone calls from a mobile device connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth will now request confirmation before transferring audio to the vehicle.

Seen in FR US

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 Contact Lookup

Contact Lookup

Phone App Improvements

Search for contacts from a connected Bluetooth device. To access, tap the Application Launcher > Phone > Contacts > Search icon.

Seen in FR US

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 Contact Lookup/Search

Contact Lookup/Search

Search for contacts from a connected Bluetooth device. To access, tap the Application Launcher > Phone > Contacts > Search icon.

The ability to search for contacts in your address book whilst in the car has always been available via the phone app. We've even got a video on how to do it, and select a contacts address as a Nav destination so we're still puzzled as to what functionality this is providing that wasn't there before.

2022.44 Dog Mode

Dog Mode

Dog Mode Improvements

View the interior camera from the mobile app while using Dog Mode or Sentry Mode. To enable Live Camera, tap Controls > Safety > View Live Camera via Mobile App. Note: This feature requires Mobile App version 4.15.0+ and Premium Connectivity.

Seen in FR US

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 Emissions Testing Mode via Mobile App

Emissions Testing Mode via Mobile App

Toybox Improvements

Emissions Testing Mode can now be used from the Mobile App. Long press any quick controls icon from the home screen and drag the 'Fart' icon to the top row. Note: This feature requires Mobile App version 4.15.0+.

Seen in FR US

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 Energy App

Energy App

Learn more about your vehicle's energy consumption with the updated Energy app. You can now: Monitor the amount of energy used while driving and parked, see how much energy is consumed by different vehicle components, driving behaviours, and environmental conditions, view energy used in comparison to trip projection and the battery indicator, receive personalized suggestions for using energy more efficiently.

A by product of this is when rapid charging, including supercharging, the energy reaching the car displayed on the screen is now the total (gross) energy being received and not just the (net) energy reaching the battery.

This has been available in many countries for a while, but is now available in more countries including Hong Kong.

2022.44 Exclude Automatic Door Opening at Home

Exclude Automatic Door Opening at Home

Miscellaneous Improvements

Disable Automatic Doors on your vehicle while parked at home. To disable, tap Controls > Vehicle > Automatic Doors > Exclude Automatic Door Opening at Home.

Seen in CA LT NO US

Seen on MSX2021+

2022.44 Extras


  • Charging information and advice has been added which now informs you why your charge speed may be reduced. The messages appear both on the app and in the car Tesla charging cold battery message
    Tesla charging battery almost full message
  • Charging options now include many more 3rd party charge point locations in Europe Tesla charge point locations

2022.44 FSD Beta (2022.44.30.5)

FSD Beta (2022.44.30.5)

The FSD City Streets Beta has been merged into the 2022.44 Holiday release

See Release Notes 2022.44.25 for details of the Holiday release base.

The specific update for FSDb is largely a repeat of previous release notes, including:

You can enable Full Self-Driving (Beta) by tapping 'Control' > 'Autopilot' > 'Full Self-Driving (Beta)' and following the instructions.

Full Self-Driving is in early limited access Beta and must be used with additional caution. It may do the wrong thing at the worst time, so you must always keep your hands on the wheel and pay extra attention to the road. Do not become complacent. When Full Self-Driving is enabled your vehicle will make lane changes off highway, select forks to follow your navigation route, navigate around other vehicles and objects, and make left and right turns. Use Full Self-Driving in limited Beta only if you will pay constant attention to the road, and be prepared to act immediately, especially around blind corners, crossing intersections, and in narrow driving situations.

Your vehicle is running on Tesla Vision! Note that Tesla Vision also includes some temporary limitations, follow distance is limited to 2-7 and Autopilot top speed is 85 mph.

Failure to comply with the instructions, or cause a "strike" may result in your inclusion in the FSDb programme from being withdrawn. This includes the use of defeat devices, failing to pay attention, or any other activity the car detects that put you or other road users at risk.

One specific change that appears to have first been seen with release 2022.44.30.5 is change to the suspension warning and the introduction of a two week ban. Anyone that gets sttikes or fails to obtain the necessary safety score should find any issues clearing after a few weeks.

2022.44 FSD Beta (2022.44.30.10)

FSD Beta (2022.44.30.10)

Bugfix to FSDb software v10.69.25.1

See Release Notes 2022.44.30.5 for details of the wider release base.

2022.44 FSD Beta v10.69.25 (2022.44.25.5)

FSD Beta v10.69.25 (2022.44.25.5)

Musk had suggested the V11 FSD City streets Beta release would be out before year end however it looks like this will be next year and those on the FSDb pilot will get this unifying release which includes everything in the holiday release plus the latest FSDb code. The release notes are familiar, and only repeated here for completeness.

  • Upgraded the Object Detection network to photon count video streams and retrained all parameters with the latest autolabeled datasets (with a special emphasis on low visibility scenarios). Improved the architecture for better accuracy and latency, higher recall of far away vehicles, lower velocity error of crossing vehicles by 20%, and improved Vulnerable Road User (VRU) precision by 20%.
  • Converted the VRU Velocity network to a two-stage network, which reduced latency and improved crossing pedestrian velocity error by 6%.
  • Converted the Non VRU Attributes network to a two-stage network, which reduced latency, reduced incorrect lane assignment of crossing vehicles by 45%, and reduced incorrect parked predictions by 15%.
  • Reformulated the autoregressive Vector Lanes grammar to improve precision of lanes by 9.2%, recall of lanes by 18.7%, and recall of forks by 51.1%. Includes a full network update where all components were re-trained with 3.8x the amount of data.
  • Added a new "road markings" module to the Vector Lanes neural network which improves lane topology error at intersections by 38.9%.
  • Upgraded the Occupancy Network to align with road surface instead of ego for improved detection stability and improved recall at hill crest.
  • Reduced runtime of candidate trajectory generation by approximately 80% and improved smoothness by distilling an expensive trajectory optimization procedure into a lightweight planner neural network.
  • Improved decision making for short deadline lane changes around gores by richer modeling of the trade-off between going off-route vs trajectory required to drive through the gore region
  • Reduced false slowdowns for pedestrians near crosswalk by using a better model for the kinematics of the pedestrian
  • Added control for more precise object geometry as detected by general occupancy network.
  • Improved control for vehicles cutting out of our desired path by better modeling of their turning / lateral maneuvers thus avoiding unnatural slowdowns
  • Improved longitudinal control while offsetting around static obstacles by searching over feasible vehicle motion profiles
  • Improved longitudinal control smoothness for in-lane vehicles during high relative velocity scenarios by also considering relative acceleration in the trajectory optimization
  • Reduced best case object photon-to-control system latency by 26% through adaptive planner scheduling, restructuring of trajectory selection, and parallelizing perception compute. This allows us to make quicker decisions and improves reaction time.
  • Introduced foundational support for model-parallel neural network inference by sharing intermediate tensors across Systems on Chips (SOCs) to improve road edge and road line prediction consistency through changes to TRIP compiler, inference runtime, and inter-processor communication layer.
  • Improved handling of traffic control behavior in dense intersection areas by improving the association logic between traffic lights and intersections.
Press the "Video Record" button on the top bar UI to share your feedback. When pressed, your vehicle's external cameras will share a short VIN-associated Autopilot Snapshot with the Tesla engineering team to help make improvements to FSD. You will not be able to view the clip.

See all the 2022.44 release notes for the rest of the holiday release contents.

2022.44 Full Self Driving (Beta) Suspension

Full Self Driving (Beta) Suspension

The FSD City Streets Beta gives a lot of autonomous potential to the driver while still being a level 2 system. As such, inappropriate use is a risk and Tesla are reinforcing their warnings. This includes detection of steering defeat cheats where some owners were attaching a weight to the steering sheel to fool the car into thinking the steering wheel was being held. The release note message follows:

For maximum safety and accountability, use of Full Self-Driving (Beta) will be suspended if improper usage is detected. Improper usage is when you, or another driver of your vehicle, receive five 'Forced Autopilot Disengagements'. A disengagement is when the Autopilot system disengages for the remainder of a trip after the driver receives several audio and visual warnings for inattentiveness. Driver-initiated disengagements do not count as improper usage and are expected from the driver. Keep your hands on the wheel and remain attentive at all times. Use of any hand-held devices while using Autopilot is not allowed.

The warning drivers get looks like this: Tesla FSD Warning

Full Self-Driving (Beta) Suspension

Autopilot Improvements

For maximum safety and accountability, use of Full Self-Driving (Beta) will be suspended if improper usage is detected. Improper usage is when you, or another driver of your vehicle, receive five ‘Forced Autopilot Disengagements’. A disengagement is when the Autopilot system disengages for the remainder of a trip after the driver receives several audio and visual warnings for inattentiveness. Driver-initiated disengagements do not count as improper usage and are expected from the driver. Keep your hands on the wheel and remain attentive at all times. Use of any hand-held devices while using Autopilot is not allowed.
The FSD Beta feature can only be removed per this suspension method and it will be unavailable for approximately two weeks.

Seen in LT US

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 Handwriting Keyboard

Handwriting Keyboard

Enter text by writing characters with your finger. To use handwriting recognition, tap the handwriting icon from the keyboard, then write characters in the blank input field.

Understood to be a China only feature.

Highlights of 2022.44.25.1/2

Our video on 2022.44.25.1 covering all the main features including some undocumented ones, and whats missing.

2022.44 Language


You can now select Thai as your touchscreen language. To update your language settings, tap Controls > Display and select your preferred language from the 'Touchscreen Language' drop- down menu.

Thai voice controls are likely to follow within 6 months.

2022.44 Mahjong


Arcade Improvements

The relaxing tile match game has been elevated with a clean, modern design, smooth animations, and calming sounds. Match identical tiles. A tile is playable if it is open on the left or right and isn’t covered by another tile. Continue pairing tiles to clear the board and your mind! To access Mahjong, tap the Application Launcher > Arcade.

Seen in FR US

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 Mango TV

Mango TV

Mango TV is now available, allowing you to watch videos and livestreams from the center display while parked. To launch Mango TV, tap Application Launcher > Theater Mode > Mango TV

Understood to be a China only feature.

2022.44 Media Controls

Media Controls

User Interface Improvements

Media controls are closer to the driver for easy access. Swipe up to access 'Recents & Favorites' and 'Sources'. Swipe left or right to also access trips and tire pressure information.

Seen in FR US

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 Media Controls (and information cards)

Media Controls (and information cards)

The location of the media controls within the display has been moved closer to the driver's seat for easier operation by the driver. You can also swipe up to access 'Favorites and Recents' and 'Sources'. Swipe up to access 'Recents & Favorites' and 'Sources'. Swipe left or right to also access trips and tire pressure information.

These information cards were a feature many missed when they were removed as part of the V11 make over last year and are a welcome return.

This feature is only for the Model 3 and Model Y and places a mini media controls panel in a similar location to where the temporary Lights and Wipers control panels appear when actioned. When the media display isn't visible, a new media icon appears in the bottom row of icons.

2022.44 Minor Fixes

Minor Fixes

This release contains minor improvements and bug fixes.

Seen in US

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 myQ Connected Garage

myQ Connected Garage

New Feature

myQ Connected Garage door openers are now supported. Monitor and control your garage door remotely using your vehicle’s touchscreen. To set up, tap Controls > Locks > myQ Connected Garage > Link Account, and follow the instructions. Note: Your vehicle will automatically recognize all existing garage doors if you already have a myQ account.

Seen in US

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 New Language Support

New Language Support

User Interface Improvements

You can now select Thai as your touchscreen language. To update your language settings, tap Controls > Display and select your preferred language from the ‘Touchscreen Language’ drop-down menu.


Seen on MSX2021+ M3Y

2022.44 Rear Screen Control

Rear Screen Control

Display Improvements

Control the rear screen directly from the front seats. Select between front and rear displays as the preferred audio source, or completely lock the rear screen. To access, tap the Application Launcher > Rear.
Note: Theater Mode controls are only available while parked.

Seen in CA US

Seen on MSX2021+

2022.44 Route Guidance

Route Guidance

The readability of the map on the screen has been improved. Route guidance has also been redesigned to emphasize the next travel direction.

Next turn and lane guidance is displayed at the top of the screen, while information such as estimated travel time and arrival fare has been moved to the bottom.

We like these changes, the larger font is welcome.

2022.44 Scheduled Light Show

Scheduled Light Show

Toybox Improvements

Schedule the Light Show for up to 10 minutes in advance or watch a multi-car orchestra by setting them to start simultaneously. Celebrate New Year's with the Auld Lang Syne show or create longer custom shows. To access Light Show, tap the Application Launcher > Toybox.

Seen in FR US

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 Seat Belt System Enhancement

Seat Belt System Enhancement

With the help of Tesla Vision, seat belts will begin to tighten and protect properly restrained occupants earlier in a wider array of frontal crashes.

Seat belt pretension was first introduced in release 2022.20 and is a feature available on most cars today, largely due to either regulation or a feature the various safety rating systems such as NCAP look for. In an accident sitution, even fractions of a second can help to secure the occupants of a car better before impact.

This appears to be a re-release of the existing feature, presumably with some under the cover enhancements which hopefully nobody will need to test.

2022.44 Sentry Mode

Sentry Mode

Sentry Mode Improvements

Sentry Mode now allows for even greater customization, including: - Camera-Based Detection, which allows users to disable use of cameras to detect threats. - Sentry Mode Clip Length, which allows users to specify the length of the clip when a potential threat is detected. To adjust these Sentry Mode settings, tap Controls > Safety > Sentry Mode.

Seen in FR

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 Steam (Beta)

Steam (Beta)

Arcade Improvements

Access the Steam store directly from your Tesla. Buy and play immersive games that have been verified on Steam Deck. With Steam’s cloud synchronization, resume your game from your Tesla or any Steam device. To access Steam, tap the Application Launcher > Arcade. Note: This feature requires Premium Connectivity.

Seen in CA US

Seen on MSX2021+

2022.44 Track Mode

Track Mode

Vehicle Improvements

Track Mode enables Tesla's performance-oriented stability control and powertrain settings configured for track driving, and is designed to be used exclusively on closed courses and optimized for performance tires. Track Mode allows you to:

  • Create custom track mode settings profiles and record your track day data.
  • Monitor the status of your car motors, battery, brakes and tires in real time.
  • View the G-meter (a real-time accelerometer) displayed in the cards area of the touchscreen.
To enable Track Mode for your current drive, shift into Park, then tap Controls > Pedals and Steering > Track Mode. For more information about Track Mode, please visit the Owner's Manual.

Seen in DE NO

Seen on M3Y

2022.44 WeChat Mini Programs

WeChat Mini Programs

A variety of services provided by WeChat Mini Programs.

To launch WeChat Mini Programs, tap Application Launcher > WeChat Mini Programs, then choose a Mini Programs from the list.

Understood to be a China only feature.

Xref Release numbering

The in car release is 2022.44.25.1 but the title for the release is 2022.44.25

We have listed the release notes under Release Notes 2022.44.25.1

2022.44 Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings

New Feature

Make video calls with Zoom using the interior cabin camera. If you have a Zoom meeting in your Calendar, tap the link to automatically start or join your meeting. Participant video and screen sharing are only visible while parked and will switch to audio-only if you drive. To access Zoom, tap Application Launcher > Zoom. Note: This feature requires Premium Connectivity.

Seen in US

Seen on M3Y

Reboot after an update

Lot's of people have random issues after a software install, many of them curing themselves after a reboot. As a general rule, we'd suggest always doing a scroll wheel reboot after a software update, simply press the two steering wheel scroll wheels until the screen turns off and then let go. The screen will come back within a minute or so, depending on hardware. It's certainly worth doing this is you notice any unusual behaviour, but prevention is better than cure. There's a second reset option which is to change the car configuration slightly, either the language, or wheel type. This also causes the car to do a soft reset and this has returned missing features such as Tidal. Our Guide to rebooting your Tesla provides more details.

How to get the latest Tesla Software Update?

In a word, you can't force it yourself although you can help the car to download the update once it's been allocated to have an update. To do so, connect the car to wifi, and maybe even consider a wireless hotspot when in use. Car's not connected to wifi generally do not receive updates quickly.

You may find the car sticks at 50% for a while. We've seen reports that keeping the car awake will help speed past past this point as the car will try and sleep and halt the process. Even keeping the mobile phone app open may help to prevent the car sleeping.

Why do I not get some of the features or changes mentioned?

There are a number of reasons why a particular feature or change may not be included when your car upgrades. These include regional restrictions, hardware specific features, model specific updates and some changes are linked to software options purchased such as EAP or FSD. There are also times when software release notes are provided but only Tesla test engineers get the updates.

Not having a listed feature or update for a particular car is therefore quite normal. Some websites try to detail which cars get which features but this is often inaccurate, such as the blended braking update that came out with 2022.16 and the alternate routes option in 2022.28.

Against each release note we now list the car models and countries where a particular release note has been seen.

I thought I already had a listed feature?

Just as a feature may not land in every car, the feature may be mentioned in later releases when your car already has it. The release notes in the car are tuned to your car so, and while in general the car will only report a new feature once, that is not a rule that always holds true. Some websites say the feature is not available in your country whereas the reality is the feature has been there for some time

I'm on the FSD City Streets Beta

The FSD City Streets Beta is usually 2 to 3 releases behind the general software releases. This is normal.

Numbering convention

Release notes are numbered roughly using the a year.family.major.minor format. The year is self explanatory, the family release typically increments in 4's and is roughly the week of the year when the release family is launched, although these tend to slip over the course of the year. The major and minor release numbers of much debated, we personally believe these rarely contain new features not included in the family, and if there are differences it is linked to hardware specific versions.

When reviewing release notes, you may be interested in how a feature has evolved. To enable this we have also included a keyword search where you can search for a word or phrase and we will filter the results accordingly.

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