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Last updated 12-Feb-2024

While many people place a custom order for their new Tesla, Tesla do not actually build to order. They build cars in batches and the orders placed are matched in the order they are placed as allocations of cars get shipped.

This matching process is however not perfect and there are often batches of inventory that become listed on the website with a short delivery lead time, typically only a few weeks, even though there are unfulfilled orders already sitting on the books for the same specification car.

At other times people may be flexible about some of the options, e.g. they may be happy with one of two colours. Buying from inventory means they may be able to get a car more quickly by being flexible whereas there is no great sense of timing when placing a custom order.

Finally, the new inventory listing includes demo cars. Tesla are notorious for not offering discounts, however the demo cars, usually listed at the end of a quarter, often come with extra features enabled at a discounted price. In Europe that might mean the EAP package is given free, or in the US that might be FSD with a few thousand dollars knocked off. If these packages are of interest to the buyer then these cars can be worth looking at.

Tell me more about new Inventory

New Inventory on the Tesla website are cars that have never been owned or put on the road before, or in the case of a demo car, only registered by Tesla. Tesla warrant these cars as if they are brand new although demo cars may be a few months old and have a few thousand miles on the clock.

Cars can appear in the new inventory listings for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is extra stock that they hadn't allocated and they want to sell before the end of a quarter, it can be stock that was allocated to a buyer but the buyer failed finance checks or pulled out before the car reached them, and maybe it was a company of lease purchase and again circumstances changed and the transaction was not completed.

When looking at inventory it is worth checking the specification details. Batteries and motors get upgraded from time to time and it is important that you understand the version you are buying to make sure you are happy with this. Tesla do not always make this information obvious, however we take the Tesla data including hidden data they don't place on the website to give buyers more insight into what the car has.

Why instant notifications?

We currently have quite extensive inventory listings which include comprehensive filters and search facilities. We make it easy to compare new, CPO and used cars and provide detailed charts. New car inventory can, however, sell quite quickly and from our own logs we see people using technology to query our website regularly hoping to spot a new car listing. To make life easier, we are now rolling out push notifications that send a message to users as soon as we detect a new inventory listing on the Tesla website in a given country. Typically these messages will be sent within 3 mins of the car appearing on the Tesla website.

To receive these notifications you can use the links below. We offer two options, either using the Telegram and/or Discord. In the US, Discord goes down to Model and State level. If there is a country or combination not currently on Discord, then message on that platform and we'll look into adding it.

Please email us at contact (at) tesla-info (dot) com to add other countries if they are not listed.

2024 email and push notification/alert trial

We have a trial running for a new emailer and push notifications/instant alerts. You define what cars you want, and we will send you a daily email and if you wish we will also send you push notifications as soon as matching cars are seen. To register, visit our push notification setup page.

Notifications via Telegram

We have enabled these notifications for the most popular countries and are extending these over time. To receive the notifications via Telegram, use the appropriate links below for your country:









EU New Inventory

(Croatia, Czechia, Greece, Hungary and Slovenia)






Hong Kong






Netherlands \ Holland

New Zealand














United Kingdom New

United Kingdom CPO


United States

United States MS

United States MX

United States M3

United States MY

Notifications via Discord

Discord is a community platform where you can see various channels and discussions on Tesla inventory. Just like Telegram, we push notifications to the appropriate channel as soon as we see Tesla listing the car, or updating the price.

Join our Tesla Info Discord Server to see all the channels. We currently have State level channels for the US, Province level for Canada and France, Germany, Norway and UK channels, and we're happy to add more as and when requested.

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