Tesla API and Refresh Token Generator

Last updated 19-Mar-2024

Tesla refresh and API tokens are often required by 3rd party apps such as Teslamate and Home Automation to allow access to your car. This web page allow you to generate these tokens without revealing your Tesla email address or password to us. This is the safest way we know to generate your Tesla token, and is completely free.

How to generate a Tesla Refresh and API token

The current way we recommend generating API and Refresh tokens avoids you having to provide your username and password to us. Please read all the steps before continuing:

  • Click on the link below titled Tesla Logon which will open a new tab/window for the Tesla Authentication logon page
  • Log on using your Tesla credentials and MFA if required (Tesla will remember these if you have used the link before)
  • This will appear to result in a "Page Not Found". This is normal.
  • Copy the resulting URL of that webpage into the form below. Within the URL is a one time, temporary code that we can use to generate tokens. We will extract this for you from the link.
  • These links only work once, so if an "Invalid Grant" or other error message appears on our website you will probably need to start again with the Tesla link on our page which should produce the code straight away on subsequent occassions. Then copy the associated URL omntp our webpage.
  • If you want to use a different account name or logon details, you may need to clear the cookies for your browser.
  • We will then get the tokens for the cars on your Tesla account.

Step 1:

Fill out this form: Tesla Logon until you see "Page not found".

Step 2:

Copy the resulting url as shown

Step 3:

Paste the resulting url into the box below:


It is important not to refresh our web page, if you do you may need to close the Tesla logon web page and start again. After you have submitted the Tesla url, it can take a several seconds for us to create the Tokens, please be patient.

Tesla Token code

Tesla simplified API made easy

The Tesla API has become increasingly more difficult as a number of criteria need to be met before a request can be successfully executed. The API tokens now last for only a few hours and therefore need to be generated fromt he refresh token on a frequent basis. The car Id needs to be identified and specified when making a request. And the car needs to be awake before most commands can be executed. Rather than multiple requests and token exchanges, we have created a simple, secure API that performs all the necessary steps, all you need to do is provide the refresh token and the request as part of the secure call.

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