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Last updated 27-Mar-2024

Tesla cars are increasingly bought and sold privately, this guide shows how quick and easy it is to transfer the car to a differnet Tesla Account via the Tesla app.

This is not the same as the formal ownership transfer which still needs to be done and the process for which varies from country to country.

Our video shows you how to do this is a few simple steps, and whilst the Tesla App changes all the time, we've found the steps are still the same.

Pre-requistes before transfering

There are very few pre-requisites but thay are:

  • Access to the current Tesla account where the account holder is the primary owner of the car
  • Details of the new owners Tesla account email address and name they have registered with Tesla
  • Access to the email account that was used to register the car with Tesla.
  • The car and both accounts have interent connectivity to update the details (this does not need to be premium connectivity)
  • The process can not be reversed, so being happy to transfer the car to the new account!


The process is pretty simple, but like all simple processes where transfering a valuable asset is involved, care should still be taken.

The steps we advise taking are shown in the video above, but are otherwise as follows:

And thats it. The new owner now has access to the car.

This is not the same as any legal changes of ownership that may also be required and these differ from country to country. This is simply the steps required to move the car from one tesla account to another.

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