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Last updated 04-Dec-2023

The Tesla Cybertruck has been available since late 2023 in the USA albeit with very limited deliveries. It is also available to order (as opposed to making a reservation) in Canada and Mexico. It is unlikely to be available in many other countries due to various standards that need to be met in those regions, and Musk has gone on record as saying it will not be available in Europe in it's current form. Whether this turns out to be the case or not will probably largely depend on the demand for the truck in North American markets, whether its sufficiently profitable, and whether there is excess production available for export. The reported reservation count alone would consume production for many years, however some also predict that the higher cost price than initially promised, and not achieving the promised specification, especially on range, will result in a percentage of the reservations to be cancelled. However, speculation is just that, and Tesla will no doubt be looking at the numbers to make a decision.

The Cybertruck is still very new, but we take a brief look at its history, the options, and make some suggestions on what to buy in our Buyers Guide to the Cybertruck for those that are thinking of buying one, and are in a region where it's actually possible.

Why the Cybertruck?

The cybertruck is pretty unique to look at, and certainly has some characteristics that are real show stoppers, although these are also polarising with some people absolutely loving the free spirited and futuristic design, whereas others think it already looks like a dated science fiction representation from the 1980s, as if a film prop from Thunderbirds or Space 1999, for those old enough to remember. We're not going to attempt to pursaude you any further one way or the other, although we doubt you'd be reading if you were in the camp who hated the design.

So does it have competitors? Well if you didn't want the looks and the off road capability, and if youw anted to seat more than 5 (which is a let down compared to the original 6 seats promise), then the Model X is probably the best Tesla alternative. If you want an electric truck, then the Rivian R1T is probably the most compelling rival bing electric from an innovative company, or the Ford F-150 Lightening for those that want a more predicable transition from mainstream Petrol pickups.

Our impression of the car is that it's one that is probably more style than substance. The interior space does not seem as large as we'd expect with regard to headroom, and the load bay, whilst coering a large foot print, seems compromised in terms of the sloping sides making some loading tasks difficult, and as soon as you add the range extender battery or s spare wheel will become an awkward shape to use. The towing capacity also seems a little down on where we'd expect it. These things of course only matter if you're a serious truck user, if you're just after the latest edgy Tesla thats more interesting than the Model X then it's still a great choice.

New or used?

The Cybertruck is available as new but in a very limited capacity. Tesla have also warned early buyers of selling the cars on at a profit, and while the threat to sue owners if they quickly sell on their car has been lifted, the used market is likely to be very limited for some time, or if not, then you have to question the quality of the product.

History of changes

The Cynertruck is only at the launch stage so any changes really relate to the promised specification v the reality. The main differences to the original specification include:

  • The price points are higher. Some argue that after correcting the initial prices for inflation they would be close, but in practice Tesla knew it would be a few years before launch and so feel the prices they quoted were the expected launch prices. The higher price is likely to be a reflection of the challenges in building the cars, and a reflection of the massive reservation backlog enabling Tesla to price higher on the basis of supply/demand. We certainly expect the price to come down over time (albeit allowing for future adjustments due to inflation).
  • Range is lower, and while Tesla have announced the option of a battery range extender, this takes up space, increases weight, and further increases the price, and we're not convinced it's a great solution. Battery technology simply hasn't progressed as quickly as Tesla predicted and so for the packaging, they are limited with the battery capacity and therefore the range.
  • The seating capacity is 5 and not 6, and the reviews we've seen suggest the rear isn't as great as we expected. It's going to be fine for 3 adults, but headroom isn't vast back there, and drive over rough terrain and we can see people hitting their heads on the roof.
  • Musk has previously tweeted a lot of specifications which we have never taken seriously, but the extending rmap out the bank was one we thought may have made the final design, but hasn't.

Battery size and range

The Cybertruck in Dual and Tri motor options comes with a 123kwh battery which is also 800v. 800v architecture is a first for Tesla and a welcome capability.

Model codes

Tesla give each model an internal code which changes when updates to the battery or motors occur or when significant changes occur tot he specification. They are currently:

MTC05 Cybertruck Rear Motor

This was announced at launch but is not predicted to be available until 2025. Given how fast things can move with Tesla, we wsould not be surprised if the Cybertruck in this spec ever enters production.

MTC03 Cybertruck Dual Motor

This was one launch Dual Motor model that was only available in North America. It was classed as part of the Foundation series and was fully optioned.

MTC04 Cybertruck Tri Motor (Cyberbeast)

This was at annouced at launch. It was classed as part of the Foundation series and was fully optioned.


All Cybertrucks come with Autopilot hardware so the only material choice is the software level installed.

Technology and Options

There is some great new technology (for Tesla) on the Cybertruck. The provision of elecrtricity outlets is good to see (although the air compressor is another item that so far hasn't made the cut). We're not so convinced bullet proof glass (if you believe it is) and the strength of the body panels is strictly necessary, but it has to be said its a robust car.

Tesla make a thing of the ground clearance, and while they have a point, the approach adn departure angles don't seem to be that good (for its class), especially the departure angle. There's a strange box slung out the back low down which looks like it coulr easily get caught. But we doubt many of these will ever see serious off roading like you might in a Land Rover Defender.

The initial Cybertrucks were part of the Foundation Series where all the option boxes were ticked, and include:

Option List

Free Supercharging

No Cybertruck came with unlimited free supercharging.

Key issues

Too early to report any


The Cybertruck follows Teslas traditional warranty of 4 years and 50k miles for the whole car, and 8 years and 150k miles of warranty on the battery and drive unit.

What would we buy?

Given the availability, if you want a cybertruck, buy whatever you can get your hands on!

You can check the whole market and compare prices between models on our Inventory listings. and while the Cybertruck is not currently there, when it starts to appear in inventory, we will add it.

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