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Last updated 14-Jul-2024

Tesla frequently issue a new software update release to the cars and these are the latest release notes we have found. Not every release is applicable to every car, but many are and provide new features and bug fixes. We list the release notes and allow you to search to see how feature areas have changed. We also list countries and car models where the particular feature has been seen.

For information on which versions are on specific models and years, see our Trending Tesla releases and statistics for more information.

Select the Release Family (which will include all sub versions) or enter the search term. You can also search for a version by entering its full number. If you wish to filter by country, use the 2 letter international code e.g. GB for Great Britain, US for United States or AU for Australia. Our results are now based on the release notes actually seen in cars and countries, it is possible we don't have a suitable match in your country although we current monitor cars in approx 50 counties, in which case look at the wider release notes for nearby countries.

Release 2024.26

Including 2024.26.1, (no cars)

Regional availability of 2024.26 by model

North America

A more detailed heat map and release statistics are available.

2024.26 Amazon Music

Amazon Music (part of 2024.26.1)

Prime members get access to over 100 million songs in shuffle mode, All-Access playlists, plus the largest catalog of top ad-free podcasts. Upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited for full, on-demand access.
Requires Premium Connectivity or an active WiFi connection.

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2024.26 Castle Doombad Classic

Castle Doombad Classic (part of 2024.26.1)

The Castle Doombad demo has been replaced with the full version release of Castle Doombad Classic! Featuring full touch support and packed with more than 70 new levels and endless content, challenge yourself in this trap-based tower defense game against hordes of goody-two-shoed heroes invading your castle.
To play, shift into Park (P), and go to Arcade > Castle Doombad Classic.

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2024.26 Parental Controls

Parental Controls (part of 2024.26.1)

You can now enable Parental Controls with a PIN on your vehicle. Set a maximum speed limit and limit acceleration to Chill. Turn on safety features, such as Speed Limit Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, and Forward Collision Warning. Configure Night Curfew to receive notifications through your Tesla mobile app when the vehicle is driven past curfew.
Enable Parental Controls from the vehicle or the Tesla mobile app. Navigate to Controls > Safety > Parental Controls. Follow the instructions on screen and provide a PIN. Drivers can't disable the controls or change the settings without re-entering the PIN.

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2024.26 Weather Forecast and Air Quality

Weather Forecast and Air Quality (part of 2024.26.1)

Your vehicle status bar now shows the local weather conditions alongside the temperature. When air quality is poor, your vehicle also shows an AQI symbol and index value.
Tap the temperature on your touchscreen to see details about your local weather forecast, such as the weather condition, highs and lows of the day, and the chance of rain. Requires Premium Connectivity.

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2024.26 Schedule Charge and Preconditioning

Schedule Charge and Preconditioning (part of 2024.26.1)

From the redesigned menu or the Tesla mobile app, schedule charging or preconditioning for your vehicle. You can select a location, schedule a one-off, repeat specific times or days of the week, and also control when charging starts and stops.
To schedule your charge and precondition, tap Controls > Schedule.

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2024.26 Security Improvements

Security Improvements (part of 2024.26.1)

This update includes important security fixes and improvements.

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2024.26 Other Updates

Other Updates (part of 2024.26.1)

- The Battle of Polytopia - ∑∫ỹriȱŋ ₼idŋighţ Skin Update - Create graves, build crypts, and summon demons from the graves in the dark forests with the special ∑∫ỹriȱŋ ₼idŋighţ skin.
- Vampire Survivors - "Laborratory" Update - Discover the secrets to dark mysteries with a new character, power-up, achievements, stages, and weapons.
- A redesigned climate panel allows you to select your comfort settings with ease.
- When in Auto, the fan speed may now automatically lower to reduce the sound of ambient noise during a phone call.
- Zoom meetings now default to full-screen when your car is in Park. You can also log in with QR code.

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Other release notes for the family:

Reboot after an update

Lot's of people have random issues after a software install, many of them curing themselves after a reboot. As a general rule, we'd suggest always doing a scroll wheel reboot after a software update, simply press the two steering wheel scroll wheels until the screen turns off and then let go. The screen will come back within a minute or so, depending on hardware. It's certainly worth doing this is you notice any unusual behaviour, but prevention is better than cure. There's a second reset option which is to change the car configuration slightly, either the language, or wheel type. This also causes the car to do a soft reset and this has returned missing features such as Tidal. Our Guide to rebooting your Tesla provides more details.

How to get the latest Tesla Software Update?

In a word, you can't really force it yourself although you can help the car to download the update once it's been allocated to have an update. To do so, connect the car to WiFi, and maybe even consider a wireless hotspot when in use. Car's not connected to WiFi generally do not receive updates quickly.

If you visit the software screen and see the car hasn't checked for a few days, perform a scroll wheel reset. The car typically checks as soon as it reboots and we've had a software update immediately afterwards as a result.

You may find the car sticks at 50% for a while. We've seen reports that keeping the car awake will help speed past past this point as the car will try and sleep and halt the process. Even keeping the mobile phone app open may help to prevent the car sleeping.

Why do I not get some of the features or changes mentioned?

There are a number of reasons why a particular feature or change may not be included when your car upgrades. These include regional restrictions, hardware specific features, model specific updates and some changes are linked to software options purchased such as EAP or FSD. There are also times when software release notes are provided but only Tesla test engineers get the updates.

Not having a listed feature or update for a particular car is therefore quite normal. Some websites try to detail which cars get which features but this is often inaccurate, such as the blended braking update that came out with 2022.16 and the alternate routes option in 2022.28.

Against each release note we now list the car models and countries where a particular release note has been seen.

I thought I already had a listed feature?

Just as a feature may not land in every car, the feature may be mentioned in later releases when your car already has it. The release notes in the car are tuned to your car so, and while in general the car will only report a new feature once, that is not a rule that always holds true. Some websites say the feature is not available in your country whereas the reality is the feature has been there for some time

I'm on the FSD City Streets Beta

The FSD City Streets Beta is usually 2 to 3 releases behind the general software releases. This is normal.

Numbering convention

Release notes are numbered roughly using the a format. The year is self explanatory, the family release typically increments in 4's and is roughly the week of the year when the release family is launched, although these tend to slip over the course of the year. The major and minor release numbers of much debated, we personally believe these rarely contain new features not included in the family, and if there are differences it is linked to hardware specific versions.

When reviewing release notes, you may be interested in how a feature has evolved. To enable this we have also included a keyword search where you can search for a word or phrase and we will filter the results accordingly.

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