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Last updated 22-Mar-2022

Tesla allow you to schedule charging based on a number of options but it can get confusing. You can set a departure time regardless of whether you use the "scheduled departure" or "scheduled charge", so why do we have both?

Scheduled departure is really "schedule so that the charging is complete when cheap rate finishes". Not an easy thing to fit on a button, maybe "schedule for cheap rate" would be better. This short tip is how to programme for departure in the car although it is MUCH easier to do via the app.

What you need to do

To set a departure time, bring up the charging menu in the car, and at the centre bottom you will see either "Schedule Departure" or "Schedule Charging". If it says "Schedule Charging" and beneath it it in blue it says "Start at xx:xx", tap the "on"/"off" slider to the left of the time to disable it. Then tap on the text beneath it to switch to Scheduled Departure. You need to do this even if you want to set the charge start time, we'll come back to that.

Once the scheduled charging display is visible, you have the option to check the settings and turn it on or off. If it is blue, it is already scheduled. Just tap "Schedule" to pop up the menu for more controls or to turn it

Schedule Tesla charging departure time

From the menu to set the schedule you can adjust the departure time. Many people seem to think this is the start time which it is not, you are setting the time by which you want the car to be warm and ready to drive.

Simply adjust the time and then click "Set". This is where the confusion starts. You can set the car to charge using cheap rate electricity and not preheat the car. Alternatively you can get the car to preheat the car for your departure and not use cheap rate electricity. Either way, you need to click "Settings" in the top right corner.

Set Tesla departure time irrespective of charging.

From the settings menu you can tell the car whether you want the car to be charge . You need to do this even if you want to set a start charging time later.

If you only do this, the car will simply preheat for the tme you've set. Charging will otherwise work automatically.

Tesla charging departure time additional settings

If you set "off peak charging" then the car will aim to charge and complete at the end of the Off-Peak hours time you set. If you set this you can not set the charging start time, it is one or the other.

If you want to set the charging start time, you now need to come out of these menus having set the precondition but not cheap rate charging, and then go to scheduled start menu and set the time.

Tesla charging off peak settings

The scheduled departure feature is mixed up with the off peak charging. It would make much more sense if the charging was decoupled from the preconditioning menu options where you simply set the departure time if you wanted it and either a charge start/charge end time if you wanted the car to be clever.

Using the app is much easier as the scheduled start or scheduled end do just get over ridden when you set them, it's just not intuitive. We've also provided a video guide which may also help to explain things.

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