Tesla schedule charge end and departure time

Last updated 15-Dec-2022

Tesla allow you to schedule charging based on a number of options but it can get confusing as they mix this in the menu for scheduliung departure. Scheduled departure is preconditioning the car, mainly cabin temperature but can include the battery in cold weather, for when you leave. There is a second option which is to set the time when an off-peak electricity tariff ends, and if the car is charging at that point, the charging will stop. We show both below.

What you need to do

The easiest way is to use the app. Open the schedule screen and ensure Departure is selected.

The departure time is just, that, the time you want the car preconditioned. If the precondition slider is set, the car will start to heat the car cabin and battery if it's cold for the chosen time. This has nothing to do with charging as such

To control charging, you can either select the Charge tab which will enable you to set the Start time for charging, or using this screen the car will enable you to set the End time for charging as shown. Selecting Off-Peal charging is essentially just setting the time when you want the charging to finish. The car will calculate the start time based on the required amount of energy, and it may temporarily start charging earlier to check the supply capacity so it can calculate how long it needs to charge for.

You can run into issues when you try and set both a Charge start time and an off-peak charge time. The car will only allow one or the other to be set.

For full control, we recommend our automation capabilities where, with a few simple steps, you can setup a schedule on your mobile phone to control the start and end time for charging. There is a video linked below.

Schedule Tesla charging departure time

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