Tesla battery capacity

Last updated 05-Sep-2022

How to use the Tesla API for automation

The Tesla battery capacity can be calculated using a few pieces of information from the energy screen on all but the 2021 facelift Model S and Model X. The information can also be calculated using data available via the API although this in part uses the information from the last charge to extrapolate the battery capacity. This utility calculates the capacity for you.

Be aware that sharing your Tesla token can pose a risk if it falls into the wrong hands. We do not hold your details, however in reality you only have our word for this. Be cautious of sharing your Tesla account details and/or tokens with any 3rd party and in the event you feel your details have been compromised then log directly into you Tesla account and change your password. This will invalidate all existing tokens.

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We have created a utility to generate a Tesla token. This utility uses a Tesla feature so we do not need your Tesla user name and password, and will return the Tesla token and the vehicle ID for each car on your account. We also supply the refresh token for those that want to use the tokens on a 3rd party application but wish to use an independant website to generate the token.

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