Tesla supercharging payment issue

Some Tesla owners are finding that after they have updated their payment car, typically after the old one has expired, they are still unable to supercharge. Even if you have free supercharging, Tesla now require you to have a credit card lodged on your account so they can bill you for your supercharging and overstay fees. Problems can occur however if the card lodged with Tesla expires, a charge is levied but can not be paid, and the owner then updates their payment card.

There is a quirk in the system which can result in the supercharger still refusing to charge even after the card details have been updated.

Expired credit/payment cards

All credit and payments cars expire and it's therefore going to happen that the one logged in your Tesla account will expire at some point. Remembering all the places where you have logged your payment card, such as Amazon and other retailers, etc is near impossible and while most transactions where you use a credit card will prompt or warn you if the card has expired, when supercharging, this doesn't usually happen until afterwards.

What seems to happen is:

How to clear the issue.

To clear the block, you not only need to update your credit or payment card details, but you also need to view your supercharging history and press the "Pay" button to use the updated payment details for any previous unpaid supercharging sessions. Once done, supercharging should be enabled.

Therefore when you update your payment details at home, it is worth checking your charging history and clearing any unpaid charging sessions before trying to supercharge again.

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