Tesla Info: Do I have free supercharging?

Do I have free unlimited supercharging on my Tesla? This is a very common question as there are cars with unlimited supercharging, there are cars without, and there are cars that have it but will lose it if the car is sold, and there are even cars that had it indefinitely and now do not. Through this guide we try and explain how to find out, although if you're basing a purchasing decision on this information, ask Tesla to confirm.


History of Free supercharging.

Supercharging, free supercharging, unlimited free supercharging, transferable free supercharging, lifetime unlimited free supercharging are all terms that get used in this area so we'll quickly walk through the history.

If you're a little confused and bemused by all this then you are not the only ones. A relatively simple thing has become very complex with multiple permutations and with changing dates, but it boils down to some quite simple basics on a given car, indicated by the option code:

Just to add a little extra interest, for a short while Tesla offered unlimited free supercharging but for a fixed duration, usually 6 months.

So which option does my car have?

There are a number of ways to tell what your car has:

Does the car I want to buy have free supercharging?

Because supercharging is not transferable except for a given set of conditions, to work out if a car will have transferable supercharging is a little easier.

The following checks are all it takes:

Be wary of trade sales. Where a car has been returned to Tesla and Tesla have sold the car into trade either directly or via an auction, they are likely to remove free supercharging however it can take some time for this to be reflected. If buying from a dealer then ask where they sourced the car.

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