Tesla range: your questions answered on rated, typical and predicted figures

The forecast of how far the car can go before it runs out of electricity is a question many owners get frustrated by. Its rarely a consideration on a ICE as the available miles can be easily and quickly replaced at a fuel station, however when you are in an electric car with a displayed range below 100 miles or 150 km, if you are a long way from home then the thought of charging soon starts to be a real consideration.

Firstly, there is no 100% accurate way of knowing future range because its predicated on how the car is driven and the environment in which its driven. Warm weather, down hill, steady 50mph or 80km/h driving and efficiency will mean you are likely to beat any figure displayed in the car. Cold weather, especially if you have to stop for a short break, rain, up hill, high speed driving and range may be much lower. This is the same as ICE, only the factors impacting efficiency are slightly different.

Just like an ICE car, an EV will have a formal quoted range/efficiency. This will be based on EPA, NEDC or WLTP depending where you are in the world and even when your car was made and they all differ to a greater or lesser extent. ICE are the same, few cars get the published MPG or l/100km figures.

One element often causing confusion is whether the range reflects the driving style or efficiency of the owner. It does not except on the Energy use screen, it is based on a fixed amount, the definitions of which are explained below.

Which of the following you can see in your car depends on region and even model

Showing percentage

One of the most hotly debated topics is whether you should show a range at all on the dash or just show a percentage. The argument is that as the range is always wrong, don't display it, The counter argument is the percentage doesn't really tell you anything either, and at least a rough mileage is better than no mileage. We display range, we let the battery icon give us an indication of the fraction of how full, but there is no right or wrong.

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