How to find out what options a Tesla has

Last updated 01-Sep-2022

Tesla don't have many options that owners can select today, but over the years there have been some significant changes to the hardware. This guide explains how to find out what options a Tesla has including FSD, MCU version and Raven. To understand the features that vary between each of the options we created a guide to the feature differences between hardware versions

The easiest way to determine the majority of options a Tesla has is to be sitting in the driver’s seat. From there you can follow the following steps to determine what the car has and doesn't have. The steps are broadly the same irrespective of whether it's a Model S and Model X with the vertical screen or the Model 3 and Model Y with the horizontal screen.

Software version 2022.16.3 is also thought to add the ability to see which type of low voltage battery the car will have. We will share details when we have it although this is fairly redundant as the Ryzen based MCU all have the Lithium-Ion low voltage battery.

If you are talking to any seller about a car, ask them for a photograph of the following two screens. We believe any dealer that really understands Tesla cars will know why you are asking, will have no problem in being able to take these pictures and will be confident in the description they have given you matches the cars data. If they are unwilling or unable to take these pictures without a good explanation, we suggest avoiding the seller.

Software menu

The first thing to do is to click on the car icon in the bottom right-hand corner. This will bring up a menu on the screen. On the right-hand side there are a list of options, the last of which is called "Software". Click this menu item and the display may list some of the following

Tesla software menu options listed

Software menu examples

Additional vehicle information

While the Software menu details the software options on the car, many owners and potential buyers also want to know more information about the actual hardware installed on the car as some features such as Sentry mode are dependent on the hardware installed. Pressing the "Additional vehicle information" option on the above screens will cause a pop up to be displayed with additional technical information.

Tesla additional information options listed

Additional Information examples

Other tips

There are a number of other things you can quickly determine from screenshots of the car:

Model S Panoramic sunroof from quick controls

The Model S used to have an option for a panoramic sunroof. Some dealers call the all glass roof a panoramic roof which isn't strictly correct and can cause confusion. From the Quick controls menu page you will see a top down view of the car and the panoramic roof controls will be obvious as shown in the first picture but not the second.

Tesla MS with panoramic sunroof
Tesla MS without panoramic sunroof

Free supercharging

This is one of the hardest features to determine but generally free supercharging is not transferable even if the car currently has it unless the car was ordered by Jan 2017 and delivered by April 2017, and even if it was, it still may not have free supercharging. For more information on this topic see guide to determining if a car has free supercharging.

The quick check that is 99% accurate is to look at the charge screen and see if it says "No recent supercharging". If the car says this, it is a fairly good indicator that free supercharging will transfer.

Tesla free supercharging

Charger speed

The Model S and Model X can have different on-board chargers with a different max AC charge rate. Early, pre facelift Model S could have (in Europe at least) a second on-board charger increasing the maximum charge speed from 11kw to 22kw should the charge point support it. The facelift Model S and the Model X came with a new on-board charger that was limited to 11kw with an option to increase it to 17kw. To determine which the car has, call up the charging screen by pressing the lightning bolt at the top of the screen, if the max current says 16A the car is limited to 11kw, if it says 24A it has 17kw charging capability and if it says 32A it has 22KW charging capability.

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