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Last updated 20-Jun-2023

Which version of Tesla autopilot Hardware do I have is a qustion many ask. There are essentially two different ways to tell, one is completely accurate but requires the car to the on the Tesla account and you to share your Tesla Token, the other way uses build information from the factories.

Tesla Token Route

If the car is on your Tesla account you presumably have access to the car already, so you can just go out and look at the cameras to decide (the centre screen camera will have one of the 3 camera positions blanked out), but if you want to do it via the APi then the steps are relatively easy:

Using build dates matched to VIN Numbers

Pre HW4

The following guidance details when Tesla started to switch between the earlier versions of Hardware:

It should be noted that cars can be upgraded from HW2 and HW2.5 to HW3 so you may find cars built before the HW3 production dates which now have HW3. At present Tesla advise that cars cannot be updated to HW4.

Model S

Tesla changed the Model S and Model X autopilot hardware to HW4 at the end of 2022. The changes included higher definition cameras and a new radar although it is not clear how much of the new hardware was used by the autopilot hardware. Tesla have said that HW4 cars will be better than HW3 in the fullness of time, but that HW3 is still capable of achieving FSD.

On the Model S, the change over date is slightly different for North America and European build cars.

Model X

On the Model X, the change over date is slightly different for North America and European build cars.

Model Y

The transition to HW4 on the Model Y varies by factory. Currently only the two US factories are producing cars with HW4.

These dates and vin numbers are less reliable than a direct vehicle check using the Token and cars around the ranges mentioned could be either, but the further away from these cut over windows the more certain a car is likely to be either HW3 or HW4, i.e. Austin Texas built car with a VIN above 133000 is more likely to have HW4 than a car with vin 129000.

Model 3

There is no evidence that there are any Model 3 cars on HW4

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