Tesla window is open and how to reset it

Last updated 24-Dec-2022

Occasionally things go wrong and need resetting, and owners of Tesla's are familiar with the need to reset the computers. However, even that cannot cure all problems.

One such problem which can be often be easily be fixed by the owner is when the window is either not closing correctly or appears closed but reported as open. In essence, the car electronics have lost track of exactly where the window is.

Before we talk about why and how to recalibrate the windows, it's worth noting that in freezing weather conditions, the car will adjust the windows slightly when you get in and out which can seem disconcerting. This is actually normal operation in sub-zero temperatures..

Frameless windows

Frameless windows are simply that, the glass part of the door does not have a metal frame around it. All makes of car that use frameless windows drop the window slightly when opening and then once the door is closed, the window closes itself. This is because it's the best way to create a good seal around the window and often the window also passes upwards slightly behind some exterior trim of the main bodywork. These windows are found on a number of Tesla models.

If the car gets confused or loses track of the window position, then a couple of problems can occur. One is the window is left slightly open which can let in rain if not be a security issue. The other extreme is the window appears shut, but the car thinks it is open which can trigger a warning notification to the owner, and in extreme cases may even prevent the car alarm arming. The cure for both is the same.

How to reset the window position.

The fix is really easy, takes only a few minutes and requires no tools. To calibrate a window:

The above procedure only works if performed from the driverís seat using the combined window control pad rather than the individual door control pads on the individual doors.

This is all you should need to do to reset the window. If the issue persists then you will need to raise the issue with Tesla.

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