Tesla Cybertruck history of changes by year

Last updated 11-Feb-2024

Over the years Tesla have made numerous changes to the car design and model line-up. We've tried to capture the history of each of the key hardware changes and model updates and in which year they occurred. The exact date is of little benefit as the transition is often blurred with cars appearing in different parts of the world with different specifications, for instance the 82kwh Long Range battery fitted to the Model 3 has varied by factory and country the cars have been delivered to.

The following is a list of the main changes we can find. We are sure there are some changes we may have missed, either due to small production numbers or country specific (Canada for instance had a compliance version of the Model 3) but feel free to email us with any significant errors and we'll happily take a look and see if we agree. We're also only recording the history of when features actually arrive, not when they are announced or promised.

We also have a list of the Tesla software release notes over the last few years, with the ability to filter by subject area to see how it has evolved.


2023 CT

Cybertruck finally starts some customer deliveries. Only AWD and Beast (Performance) models initially with RWD models expected to start in 2025.

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