Tesla Software Release Notes

Last updated 29-Jan-2022

Tesla make a steady stream of releases to the software installed in the cars. Not every release is applicable to every car, but we provide the release notes and allow you to search over time how feature areas have changed.

Release notes are numbered roughly using the format year.week.release.minor. We suppress duplicate minor level release notes as these are typically duplicates of the release, and we only include minor level release notes where they are additional or different to the release. We believe this makes reading the release notes much easier. As an example, release 2021.44.30 included a range of updates including V11, TikTok, Subwoofer tuning and a track mode. This was followed by 2021.44.30.5 which also included FSD 10.8.1 updates, and then a further release 2021.44.30.06 which included improved heating and operation of the heat pump, but 2021.44.30.6 includes all the release notes from 2021.44.30 and onwards, but many owners only want to know whats changed with the incremental releases.


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