Tesla New Inventory Counts, aggregated at a Right Hand Driver market level

Last updated 14-Jul-2024

On 19/20th June 2023, Tesla changed the US inventory to allow duplicate dummy vins across states ie the same dummy VIN could be used in multiple locations where the actual car could not physically be the same car based on other factors such as color differences. We treat each state individually but deduplicate where a car in two states has the same physical location as this is possible near state boundaries. It is possible some cars are duplicated, especially cars in transit without a physical location, but we try to be consistent in our approach to enable people to see trends.

At present, other countries do not seem to be affected.

The current live total is 466 cars. This is an increase of 2 from last weeks 464, an increase of 31 from last months 435, and an increase of 91 from last quarters 375,


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The charts below show the Tesla New Inventory counts, by model, at a Right Hand Driver market level. The countries covered includes UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Macau and Hong Kong.. Inventory is checked continually, and a new inventory car is only marked as sold if it is removed from the Tesla inventory listings. On mobile devices, the charts may display better in landscape. Click on the legend to toggle that line on/off.

Individual model numbers

Cumulative/stacked numbers

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