Siri commands and Apple shortcuts for your Tesla

Siri commands and apple shortcuts can be used to get information from and control your Tesla. We talk you through the commands that natively work with Tesla app and how to create shortcuts that require no third party plug ins.

Native siri commands via the Tesla app

To use the following commands you need to have the Tesla application installed on your phone and open in the background. If you don't, Siri will ask you to open it. Your phone typically also needs to be unlocked.

We've also found that if the car is asleep, Siri often won't wait long enough for the car to respond. But, it's a bit of fun and we thought you'd like to try for yourself.

We've found the following commands to work, they're all pretty self explanatory:

If you have set only the drivers door to unlock, just say "Hey siri unlock my car door" a second time after the driver's door has unlocked.

A couple of troubleshooting tips, you need to have Siri & Search turned on in the settings (Settings -> Tesla). We've also found that older versions of the app and/or iphones don't have the use with Siri option.

Siri controlling summon is probably a step to far, but it would be cool if you could say "back a bit, a bit more.. keep coming..". One day maybe!!

Using accessibility features

Another tip you can consider is to assign some of the Tesla shortcuts via the accessibility features on later iPhones. To assign a shortcut visit Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Back tap and assign the shortcut from there. Just be careful with what you assign as you would not want to unlock the car by accident, but opening the charge port could be useful.

Apple shortcuts

Apple shortcuts are simply short programs you can configure on your phone which you can run. You can use them as part of an automation script and use Siri to trigger them by saying their name. This is not new however most of the guidance on how to create shortcuts is to use a third party app to do the communication with the car, and to do this you have to reveal information such as your Tesla token to the third party. We are against this in all situations.

The good news is, you can create your own short cuts that can access the Tesla API. We've created 2 to give you a helping start.

The first short cut requires you to enter your Tesla email address and password and it will call the Tesla servers to get the token and the car id and store them locally on your iphone. The script can be easily read and you can satisfy yourself that only the Tesla servers are being contacted with this information. The shortcut then stores your email address, token and car id in shortcuts data areas in the icloud files area where the data is used by other short cuts that you may want to use.

Even if you do not want to use shortcuts on your phone, this is a fairly neat shortcut to get your Tesla token if you want to use it with other third party apps.

The link to shortcut to create the Tesla Token and car Id

The second shortcut is an example short cut that reads the data from the saved file including your Tesla token and car id and then fires the command to the car. It first fires a wake up command and then then the instruction, if your car is asleep you may need to send the command a few times for it to work, or if you're feeling adventurous edit the shortcut to repeat a number of times to allow for the car to wake up. This particular one flashes the headlights. You can easily copy this shortcut and edit the command to perform any of the Tesla activities supported by the API.

The link to shortcut to flash the Tesla headlights

Other commands available by editing the shortcut and which are not already covered by the Tesla API or might be useful in some automation include:

You can find more details by searching online for details on the Tesla API.

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