Apple Siri commands and Apple shortcuts for your Tesla (v4 Updated)

Siri commands and apple shortcuts can be used to get information from and control your Tesla. We talk you through the commands that natively work with Tesla app and how to create shortcuts that require no third-party plug ins. These have all been checked for the new IoS V4 Tesla app.

Native siri commands via the Tesla app

To use the following commands you need to have the Tesla application installed on your phone and open in the background. If you don't, Siri will ask you to open it. Your phone typically also needs to be unlocked.

We've also found that if the car is asleep, Siri often won't wait long enough for the car to respond. But, it's a bit of fun and we thought you'd like to try for yourself.

We've found the following commands to work, they're all pretty self-explanatory:

If you have set only the driver's door to unlock, just say "Hey siri unlock my car door" a second time after the driver's door has unlocked.

A couple of other commands get a response, some examples below, but only to tell you to use the cars app.

A couple of troubleshooting tips, you need to have Siri & Search turned on in the settings (Settings -> Tesla). We've also found that older versions of the app and/or iphones don't have the use with Siri option.

Siri controlling summon is probably a step to far, but it would be cool if you could say "back a bit, a bit more.. keep coming..". One day maybe!!

Using accessibility features

Another tip you can consider is to assign some of the Tesla shortcuts via the accessibility features on later iPhones. To assign a shortcut visit Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Back tap and assign the shortcut from there. Just be careful with what you assign as you would not want to unlock the car by accident, but opening the charge port could be useful.

Apple shortcuts

Tesla have changed the token generation process which has meant the relatively simple previous process which anybody could run in complete privacy on their own device has now been replaced with a more complex process which needs to more programming complexity. We have created a dedicated page where you can generate your token, plus we have created a number of Tesla apple shortcuts with a simple interface that takes care of waking the car if necessary before sending the requests.

You can find details of our Tesla Token generator and Apple short cuts here. Please note our comments on security when giving any 3rd party your Tesla details.

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