Tesla Info: Get your car configuration including whether it has free supercharging

To get hold of the information about your car including the detailed configuration taken from Teslas option codes has become increasingly difficult. If you enter you mytesla login details or token we can query the API for you however the information that is currently returned by Tesla is now wrong. We will return what informtion we can using that method but this won't help with the supercharging status.

The only way we know of without contacting Tesla is to get hold of the option code string via myTesla. Log into the account and click on ViewDetails for the chosen car, on the page that is returned you need to examine the HTML and select the configuration codes that follow the word "OptionCodes" in the text. Copy these codes and drop then into the bottom box on this page. We will convert each option code that we recognose, one of which is typically the supercharging status.

There are three general classes of supercharging, paid for charging, free for the first owner which reverts to paid when the car is sold, and unlimited free. It used to be fairly easy to tell which a car would have from its age. but Tesla are now removing unlimited free supercharging from their CPO cars and so you need to check if you are thinking of buying any car.

You can generate this for yourself using the details at the bottom of this page and this way we don't need your password.

We don't store this email address
We don't store your password

To get your Tesla token on a Windows computer without calling any 3rd party servers, open notepad, create a token.ps1 file and copy the following text exchanging your email and password where indicated. Save the file, right click on the file name and use "Run with Powershell". This will execute the command on your computer calling the Tesla servers directly (the website teslamotors.com is owned by Tesla) and place the result in the output.txt file. You should find "access_token" followed by a long string, this is your token.

$url = "https://owner-api.teslamotors.com/oauth/token"
$params = @{ grant_type = "password";
  client_id = "81527cff06843c8634fdc09e8ac0abefb46ac849f38fe1e431c2ef2106796384";
  client_secret = "c7257eb71a564034f9419ee651c7d0e5f7aa6bfbd18bafb5c5c033b093bb2fa3";
  email = "myemail@address";
  password = "myteslapassword"
$response = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -Method POST -Body $params
Write-Output $response
$response | Out-File 'output.txt'
start-sleep 10

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