WaitingForTesla no longer lists inventory

Last updated 17-Feb-2024

There have been a number of websites providing Tesla inventory over the years, a number set up, run for a while, typically only cover a limited number of regions, and then stopping when they realise the maintenance required, and waitingfortesla is one such website. Another is waitingforevs which is trying to spoof waitingfortesla but equally has no results.

What waitingfortesla provided

The waiting for tesla website only covered new and used cars listed on the Tesla website, and only in the US and Canada. It gained popularity for a number of reasons, there was an active Discord group and they had some notable social influencers who promoted the website, and may have been beneficiaries in any income derived from the website.

During 2023 Tesla made a number of changes to the data they included in their feeds. The most notable change was in the US where the state information was removed and the reference numbers were duplicated. Generic listing sites like waitingfortesla were fairly crude in their operations and simply repurposed the data from Tesla with little additional analysis. You could apply simple filters, but the location information was critical in the US as individual listings could only be purchased within a relatively small radius of the search location or state.

The second challenge is Tesla hardened their server making many crawlers fail. For many websites even reading the Tesla data programatically became a challenge and they simply had to stop. This later change coinincided with waitingfortesla to stop producing any results and just returns "no rows".

Our inventory

Tesla-info have addressed both these challenges and our listings of Teslas for sale are the most comprehensive and up to date outside of Tesla themselves, with a refresh time of only a few minutes. We also provide powerful filtering options, and the ability to subscribe to both instant alerts when a car is listed or the price dropped, and daily emails to summerise the chosen market.

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