Current Tesla Software releases Model S 2022 Teslas in Europe

Last updated 18-Jun-2024

We mine the fleet of cars we are aware of, looking for the current live software versions in each car, and the versions that Tesla are sending out to cars to download. Due to a number of reasons including cars not connecting to WiFi or being available to download the latest software, we have removed low counts of any version, both active in the car or currently being downloaded. We also list the latest map versions for each region.

The data are the live statistics and are continually updated. We use that data to bring you the key stats. The results can be filtered by model, year, or both.




Current Tesla Live Software Releases

The current commonly run versions at this time on Model S for year 2022 in region Europe


Versions currently live

These are the most common software releases on Tesla cars currently. There are a number of reasons why cars may not be on one of the latest releases including:

Current Trending Downloads (no region filter)

These are the downloads, including map updates, Tesla started pushing to cars on each day over the last few days. The percentage is of the fleet: