Tesla windscreen wipers replacement guide for owners

The windscreen wipers on all Teslas but especially the MS and MX, are known for not performing brilliantly. They can often judder and flex leave streaks across the windscreen. Superficially it appears the blades themselves are too flimsy, but the problem is slightly more complex as it can include the wiper blade alignment being slightly out. Even if the alignment is corrected the performance can change again, either because the alignment drifts out or because the weather (temperature and wind), speed you are driving at etc can all change the behaviour of the wipers. We've some suggestions on how to improve their performance.


The basic first step it to try and keep the windscreen and the wipers clean. When driving dirt and film build up and these are not always removed by the wipers leading to a poor contact between the wiper and the glass, and if the contact is uneven across the length of the wiper can lead to dirt trails and uneven wiping.

Replacement wipers

Tesla generally ships cars with Bosch Aerotwin wipers.These eventually wear out and would often be part of a service or maintenance check but with the low servicing requirements on Tesla models this is likely not to not be done. Tesla provide a guide to replacing windscreen wipers which is easy to follow and can be done by most people. Some retailers also offer a service where they will change the wipers for you for a small fee although we'd still recommend reading the guide so the wipers are put into service mode before they start.

The cars are shipped with US spec wipers which are harder and longer lasting than European spec wipers but that extra hardness is at the expense of cleaning performance. You can change the wipers to the European specification wipers or we would recommend switching to Michelin Stealth wipers which have a stronger body and less likely to flex.

You can also look to just buy a replacement blade edge rather than the complete blade.

Adjusting the actual wipers.

As mentioned previously, it is also possible to get Tesla so adjust the blades. We'd only suggest going this route if the car is new (and it is a build issue) or the wipers are particularly bad and it may be a sign of a warranty issue. Tesla may otherwise want to charge you for a slight adjustment when the car is otherwise within the 'tolerance'. Tesla will adjust the angle of the wiper arm against the windscreen using a specialist tool. In essence they just seem to twist the wiper arm effectively bending it to align ot better and we strongly advise owners NOT to try doing this yourself.

The second adjustment is the length of the sweep. If the wiper arm is removed when say a new windscreen is fitted, it is possible that it is replaced on the wrong notch of the motor. This results in the sweep either extending past the end of the windscreen on to the A-pillar (in which case take this up with who fitted the arm as it could have cause paintwork damage) or more typically a short sweep where it doesn't wipe far enough. There is a specialist tool to remove the wiper arm without damaging it and as a result we'd suggest taking it back to have it refitted. It's literally a 2 minute jib with the right equipment.

Recommended products

These re the products we would recommend. When replacing wipers please double check the parts are right for your car as sizes can change.

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