Tesla windscreen or windshield replacement guide for owners

Last updated 20-Jun-2022

We have put together a Tesla windscreen or windshield (depends where you live in the world) replacement guide for owners explaining what owners need to know when talking to the glass replacement companies and how to ensure autopilot calibration.

Windscreen resin injection

This is something well worth doing quickly. Windshields are hard to come by and in some countries there is up to a 6 month wait for a replacement screen on some models. The resin injection might just help protect the screen from getting worse before replacement if it does not cure the issue all together.

Cracked windscreen glass

Tesla glass is really no different to other cars. Stone chips, sometimes called a "bullseye", can typically be repaired with a resin injection. Each country has specific rules regarding where these occur and the type of repair, typically above a certain size and in the drivers line of sight they are not permitted.

As a rule of thumb, if the chip is under 10mm it can be filled, with the allowed size getting bigger if it is none within the drivers straight ahead field of view (top to bottom of the windscreen and about the width of the steering wheel). When you contact your local glass company they will typically walk you through the location and size to determine the appropriate course of action.

All glass repair/replacement companies can do this type of repair and many will establish the minimum viable repair before agreeing to a replacement glass, primarily because insurance companies who often pay for the repair demand this.

Windscreen replacement

If the glass is not repairable then a replacement screen is required. Again, a Tesla is not materially different to other car windscreens other than the size of the glass is often larger than most cars. Some makes of car do have different requirements, a BMW i8 windscreen for example is a specialist fitment due to it sitting on resin carbon fibre and the traditoinal "cheese wire" removal could damage the structure of the car.

Most glass repair companies will allocate more than one fitter to replace the glass, they will determine the needs based on the vehicle. We believe 2 people are typically needed for MS and M3 and 4 people are required for MX due to its extended size

Windscreen replacement guide

We recommend following these steps:

  • Once the screen is fitted, the cameras, generically known as the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), may need calibrating. Since software version 2020.32.1 the car has an option for the owner to recalibrate the cameras under the service menu.
  • Following the manual calibration and a short drive, the system should report any issues if the screen has not been fitted correctly.
  • On older cars without a calibration option, a short drive is usually all that is required
  • Some glass replacement companies suggest taking the car to Tesla for calibration. This is rarely the case today unless the car reports a problem or autopilot starts behaving differently to normal.
Tesla windscreen calibration option

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