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Last updated 17-Feb-2024

There have been a number of websites providing Tesla inventory over the years only to fade away after a while. Ev-cpo is not one such example and has generally been maintained much better than most. It is the one we consider to be our nearest competitor. There are however differences and with the ev-cpo website now for sale, we suspect the maintennace of the website is starting to fall behind and this is shown in a number of areas which we cover below. ev-cpo also seem to operate as ev-tsla and tezz.la

What ev-cpo provides

The ev-cpo website, like ourselves, has provided a detailed decomposition of the codes provided by Tesla in their product feeds. Over the years this has revealed autopilot hardware, motor types, head light generation etc and for many year this gave buyers a far greater understanding of an inventory car, especially useful when the car details were changing frequently.

ev-cpo, like ourselves has also provided email notifications and other forms of communication to alert a user when a particular car has been listed. They also provided historical access to data. Unlike ourselves, they charge a subscription for the more advanced features they provide.

ev-cpo is one of the few websites to offer results for many countries, although while this appears to be the case, the primary focus in the US and Canada.

The User Interface has never been a strong point, but some of it is now largely redundant. As an example it offers filters for the AP HW version yet selecting HW4 typically returns no results because this information is no longer available in new car data feeds, and often not on cpo cars.

Whats changed?

There have been two prominent changes in the way Tesla provide inventory information. The first is that the detailed build codes which both ev-cpo and ourselves decoded have reduced considerably with Tesla increasingly looking to obfuscate the cars detailed construction. This is more apparent on later cars with some older cars still having detailed information. Any search facility that relies on this data will simply no longer work. The second major change relates primarily to new inventory in the US, Tesla operate a fairly tight regional policy in the US where a car is only available to a buyer if they are within close proximity to the car. Tesla now rarely supply detailed location information for new inventory, typically not even the state. Performing a search for new inventory in a given state in the US typically returns no results, not because there are none, but because ev-cpo is relying on the state field being populated in the Tesla data.

The result of these two changes is that premium services that rely on the detailed codes simply will not reveal any results as those codes are generally not available. As the location of the car is often not provided it needs to be worked out by using the location of the search location with a small radius set, and then applying the calling locations data. ev-cpo do not do this and as a result there is generally no state information available, and any car selected may then not be buyable to the user. We do follow this approach and while it is possible to get a small number of inaccurate placements, overall the inventory is available in the states selected.

The final difference is Tesla have made it harder to obtain frequent updates to their data. As a result the latency in identifying a new listing and how long you decide before removing a car from the cache can vary between sites. We refresh inventory typically at least once every 10 mins and as frequently as every minute, we also remove cars after 1 hour if not seen.

Taking a combination of more accurate car placement, we believe our higher refresh rate and a policy of rapidly removing sold cars results in a higher quality listong of available inventory. This is simple to check, select a sample of cars on both sites and compare the availability on the Tesla website.

Inventory outside the US

While both ev-cpo and we cover multiple countries, at the time of writing, ev-cpo list no used model Y cars in Europe, and only 99 new cars. We have 96 new cars int he UK alone, and 7 CPO, in Norway there are 51 and 5, etc. A similar picture is true across other European countries.

Our inventory

We strongly believe we provide the best 3rd party inventory service and you can see our listings of Teslas for sale here. We could go further to explain differences, but in reality it is easier to just compare the two and determine for yourself which offers a more usable and comprehensive set of tools, and the most accurate results.

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