Tesla Info: Do I have free supercharging?

Do I have free unlimited supercharging on my Tesla? This is a very common question as there are cars with unlimited supercharging, there are cars without, and there are cars that have it but will lose it if the car is sold, and there are even cars that had it indefinitely and now do not. Through this guide we try and explain how to find out, although if you're basing a purchasing decision on this information, ask Tesla to confirm.


History of Free supercharging.

Supercharging, free supercharging, unlimited free supercharging, transferable free supercharging, lifetime unlimited free supercharging are all terms get used in this area so we'll quickly walk through thehistory.

If you're a little confused and bemused by all this then you are not the only ones. A relatively simple thing has become very complex with multiple permutations and with changing dates, but it boils down to some quite simple basics on a given car, indicated by the option code:

So which option does my car have?

There are a number of wayys. The first is to ask Tesla which is not particularly practical at the moment with service centres not having a phone line. The other options include a combination of using the cars options/configuration codes, looking at the cars charging screen and knowing when the car was first registered. It is almost certain that any car registered after March 2017 will not have transferable charging, although it may have unlimited charging for the current owner.

Reading the cars option codes

Generally the safest way to tell is to get access to the Tesla option codes for the car. To do this you either need access to the MyTesla account details for the account the car is listed under. This is fine if its your car or if you were buying as part of a private sale, but impractical if you were buying from a dealer.

You can use our Car information facility to find out what that specific car has from this information, worthwhile if buying as it expands out all the option codes.

If the car is being sold by Tesla then the Tesla listing will tell you, although we go one step further and break down the option codes on our inventory listing site.

Reading the charging display

This method is not sufficient to 100% determine if the car has transferable supercharging without other information. The approach may still be useful if you are looking at a used car, especially pre March 2017 cars that originally had unlimited free supercharging but where it may have been revoked. To use this method gain access to the car and have the key nearby so the main screen starts up.

If you press the charging icon on the top left of the screen it will bring up the charging display. In the bottom right hand corner you will find a display that says something along the lines of current session or paid charging.

We understand that if the display says "Current Session" and beneath that "No Recent Supercharging, the car has unlimited free charging. If the car was first registered before March 2017, then this charging should be transferable to the new owner. A pre March 2017 registered car that has been sold by Tesla and had the free supercharging removed should not say "No recent supercharging". If this is crucial to your purchasing decision then we reiterate that the only way to be 100% certain is to validate with Tesla.

If it says "Current Session" and beneath that details for a charging session, even if priced at zero, we believe this car does not have unlimited and transferable free supercharging.

As yet another twist, even if the car has paid for supercharging, the current referral scheme will reward you with an amount of free supercharging for each referral you make so the car may appear to be costing nothing to charge. but in practice this a transient situation.

Free and transferable supercharging
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