Tesla Car Management Dashboard

Last updated 16-May-2023

This is in beta and is being introduced for early adopters to help shape the capablities.

This car management dashboard shows all the cars on your Tesla account, the current status of th car, or if the car is asleep, the last cached record we have. We've added some basic functions already but will be adding more over time. Making these functions accessible via a web browser means its available just about anywhere, on your phone, on your PC, even on your television if it has a web browser.

To use, please enter your refresh token below. We will then work out all the cars on your account and start caching the status of them in the background. We only collect data passively, ie we will never wake your car to seek its status, however we will give you the option to wake the car which will cause the status to be refreshed.

The data is retrieved from the cars passively, that is we do not attempt to wake up any of the cars on your account unless you excute a command that requires it. Just left running it will display the status and the charge level. The dashboard will refresh every minute automatically.

To work we need access to your Tesla Refresh Token. We store this securly and use it to passively poll the car even when not using the dashboard, although this is usually an hourly check. We use a cookie saved to your device to identify you so once you have provided the refresh token it's not publically accesible via our servers, not are you required to send it again, however if you update your refresh token with us this will break the link and as we fail safe, the dashboard will stop working and you will need to supply the new token. If you change your Tesla password, this will also invalidate your tokens and the dashboard and our backgrund collecting process will stop. The cookie will also expire every 30 days. You can also remove the cookie by clicking here.

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