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About Tesla Info

Tesla Info provides both a comprehensive guide to buying and owning a Tesla car and a comprehensive listing of all inventory. We cover the UK, US, Norway, Holland, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and other Tesla regions and we list new, certified pre owner (or CPO) and Used car listings. We attempt to see through the hype, both positive and negative, and take a rational view. There are plenty of extremely positive and extremely negative sites, and we feel neither extreme is helpful to potential buyers.

We've split the site down into a few sections to help depending on what you want to know.

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Before you buy your Tesla

The buyers guide covers a range of topics that you need to be aware of regarding the ownership experience of a Tesla. We touch lightly upon charging, depreciation and some of the common features which generate so much hype like Autopilot. It's also worth having a read of the other sections including the Owning section which covers details of charging to make sure it fits in with your lifestyle.


If you're thinking of buying, then knowing what to buy, and which options, can be a challenging. The choice of model, battery size and options all need to be considered as pretty much every choice is an expensive one, as reflected in the used prices.

We have also created a guide to help you when buying a used car, more applicable to the UK market but the points hold true everywhere.

Car Inventory listings

We have the most comprehensive car search facility for Tesla inventory including all the new, used and certified pre owned (CPO) cars with an easy to search tool that requires no subscription.

We cover cars at Tesla and at independents in the UK and the US, and we cover all the inventory we can find including Teslas mysterious "hidden stock" in Norway, Holland, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong and the rest of the Europe and the world.

We're constantly extending this to cover other countries classified adverts and BMW i3 and i8 cars in the UK. This gives power to buyers.


Detailed listing

For each car we provide a comprehensive detailed report including where we have access to the option codes, a break down of the full configuration and we also provide the original option price where applicable and available.

We also track price changes so you can see how long a used car has been for sale and how the seller has altered the price. Finally we also benchmark each car to show the prices of comparable cars by model and year. This enables you to see the market at a glance and allow you to draw your own conclusions over value.


If you take the plunge, then we have created an owners guide on useful information on what it's like to drive, where to charge, how quickly it can, the different charging schemes etc. It also covers warranty and servicing advice as these are not the same as traditional cars.

We also have a section on insurance and security as there are some simple steps you can take to significantly decrease your risk of theft.

A bit extra

Finally we provide some other general advice on owning the cars, what essentials and accessories are useful and even how to clean the car. We do spend some time detailing some of the issues with the cars as we believe a balanced and informed view is essential for any buyer

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