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Last updated 27-May-2023

Tesla Info provides a range of comprehensive guides to buying and owning a Tesla car, a number of utilities to help decipher option codes or check VIN numbers, and the most comprehensive listing service for Tesla inventory worldwide. We cover new, certified pre owner (or CPO) and Used car listings, and we aggregate data from multiple sources in most countries. We list inventory for all models including the original Roadster and the current models. We attempt to see through the hype, balancing both the extremely positive and negative opnions you will undoubtebdly come across, and take a rational and fact-based view of the market.

We focus on data that we have seen, and try not to speculate. Our inventory counts and details are based on what Tesla list, we decode build dates and build codes to identify manufacturing trends by model and factory, and our release notes are taken from actual cars. We are fairly unique in having both years worth of detailed inventory including build data, and the real world car data and release notes, enabling us to combine all this data for additional insight.

We've split the site down into a few sections to help depending on what you want to know.

Inventory and notification services

We provide the most comprehensive Tesla inventory listings including all the new, used and certified pre owned (CPO) cars with an easy to search tool. We also provide tabular views of the inventory if you prefer.

We cover cars at Tesla and at independents in the US, UK, Norway, Holland, Austria, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong etc including Tesla's mysterious "hidden stock". For each car, we provide as much information as we can, including price histories, time for sale, market comparisons, and for inventory listed by Tesla, we expand all the hidden option codes to reveal the full specificiation including some of the hard to check attriubutes like battery, type of lights, and build dates.

For new inventory, it can be rare to see cars become listed, but when they do it can save the wait of a new order. Ex demo cars are also listed as new inventory and can often be bought with a good saving or with FSD included. As these cars sell quickly, we offer an instant notifications and email service to keep you informed.

We also offer a valuation service where you can find the market for your car based on model, year and country, and some guidance as to the impact of certain features on prices.

Analyst data

Under our inventory section we also include various charts and data tables on inventory counts both nationally and regionally. Our valuation tool can also be useful for seeing depreciation trends for any given model. We have additonal finer grain data and data over longer time periods, please contact us for journalistic or investor uses.

Buying and selling cars

We offer a range of advice for prospective owners before they purchase, and for people looking to sell their car. The before you buy a Tesla guide covers a range of topics that you need to be aware of regarding the ownership experience of a Tesla. This includes detailed buyers guides for each model and explores the different ways of buying cars, including the differences between buying new, buying a CPO car, or buying from a seller who is not Tesla.

People often wonder how to get the best deals, and we cover both when to buy a new Tesla, and how to buy the cheapest cars, and what to look out for.

If you've decided to buy, we have a Buying a new Tesla and Buying a used Tesla guides explaining what to buy, the options and the changes over the years. The choice of model, battery size and options all need to be considered as pretty much every choice is an expensive one, as reflected in the used prices. We even have a guide on Buying a used car from Tesla which covers the speciation changes that Tesla have been known to make to used cars.

Each model has an individual buyers guide that covers the specific model history and key changes together with the common issues that develop over time. You can also look to see how specifications and options have changed over time which we have consolidated into a guide to Tesla model history.

We also provide look ups which can extract information from a VIN and tell you when when the car was likely to have been made. We can also help decode manufacturing codes.

Owning a Tesla

If you have bought a Tesla then we have created an Owners guide on useful information on what it's like to drive, where to charge, how quickly it can, the different charging schemes etc. It also covers warranty and servicing advice as these are not the same as traditional cars. Many of our articles include youtube videos that demonstrate how to set up the car or use certain features.

We go into some depth over charging including an explanation of all the basic terms, how fast each option is, CCS v Chademo v superchargers etc to help

We also have a guide on things to do when you first get your Tesla including making sure you are prepared for punctures and considerations regarding charging and various registrations that may be worth doing.

Release notes

One aspect of Tesla ownership that is different to many other makes of car is the over the air siftware updates. While OTA is not unique to Tesla, the frequency of change is greater than other makes. We now provide comprehensive details of Tesla Release Notes including the ability to search the release notes for key words or phrases.

A bit extra

Finally we provide a number of blogs, help in understanding whether you have free supercharging, fixing parts out of warranty, etc, all available from out menus. You can also see some essentials and accessories which you may find useful and even how to clean the car. We do spend some time detailing some of the issues with the cars as we believe a balanced and informed view is essential for any buyer

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