Tesla accessories

Once you have bought your Tesla, there are a number of accessories that may be prudent to buy, some of them surprising for such an expensive car. We list them here together with the reason why, alternatives if there are any and a handy link to where you can get them.

Dealing with flat tyres

Your Tesla will not come with a spare tyre, nor does it come with run flat tyres, so if you get a puncture and you are potentially stuck. Tesla offer a service where they will tow you up to 50 miles and possibly bring you a replacement wheel if you're near a service centre, but this has a couple of problems. Firstly, you may be over 50 miles from anywhere you know, and secondly, tyre places close overnight which is when you most want to get somewhere safe.

Charging cables

Your car will come with a UMC which is a charger you can plug into a 3 pin socket (and charge slowly), a blue industrial commando socket (and charge at between 10 and 20 mph depending on whether its 16A or 32A or if you buy the adaptor and plug into a red 3 phase commando, at 16A you'll get approx. 30 mph. But you may also need other cables.

Car cleaning

We've done a fairly basic article on how to clean your car, and to help you get going, we've a list of products that you may need.