Tesla referral code

For a number of years Tesla have run a referral code system to support owners who make recommendations and help others buy a new Tesla, and to offer a little extra to those buying the cars as a thank you. Even if you don't have a code, just knowing about them means as a buyer you'll almost certainly benefit as if you ask in store, they'll probably give you one, but this is defeating the objectives. Many Tesla owners are willing to support new and potential owners, and as this is a little thank you from Tesla for that support, it would be lovely if buyers used the code from owners who have actually helped them, or will help them once they have the car. In other words, using the code from an owner who just spams the use of their code is encouraging bad behaviour, using a code from someone who has taken their time to help you is great. That could be someone you talk to at a super charger explaining the code, a friend who give you a test drive, someone on a forum who answer your questions. Its a way you as a buyer can say thank you.

Our inventory database

We have the largest database of cars in the US, UK, and many countries in Europe. We started in the UK and for that market we also include autotrader, pistonheads and ebay listings, cars we'll get no commission, referral or other payment for if you buy one. We're also happy to answer questions on used cars and give buying advice. If you're looking for a car, our site can help you find it, and while there are plenty that look similar, they tend to either only focus on exactly the same cars that Tesla lists offer virtually no additional benefit, or they only focus on new inventory as they are the only cars where a referral can be used. Our database is deeper than all the others covering both. If find a better site, let us know.

Brutal honesty

We also have a comprehensive guide to owning the car, explaining the basics and more advanced topics. We're obviously a fan, but we found there were far too many over enthusiastic owners who give a very rose tinted view of the cars. There are things drivers need to be aware of and we try to convey this. A typical example is the question of range. When asking what you can expect from a MX 75D in winter, you'll find posters showing you pictures of their dash showing 230 miles which they achieved after a leisurely drive in the middle of summer in the hope you'll use their referral code. This is NOT the reality in winter, or even the summer for 99% of journeys. You don't need to pay for good advice, the referral code does that, just use it wisely.

So if you#ve used our site and like our advice, feel free to use our Referral code.

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