Tesla Owners manual or guide and instructions

Tesla owners manual, sometimes called owners guide or users manual, are the instructions for using the car including the safety information you need to know when using autopilot which is no more than a driver aid and not technology allowing the driver to turn off. These guides or manuals can be surprisingly hard to find at time so we've gone looking and have provided copies of both the United states and European versions. We've also included links to the first responder documentation and warranty details

Owners manual

These are links to copies of the manuals taken from 2019. Tesla change the software on a regular basis and some of the menu displays and options will change over time, but we believe the key message when using autopilotare still the same - treat it with respect.

For all Tesla owners, we highly recommend you familiarise how you open the doors, rear doors especially, in the event of an accident and power failure - the interior door handles do not release the doors in this situation.

The most up to date manual relevant to your car should always be available in your car via the big screen.

North America
North America
North America

Other useful manuals

These are links to Teslas web site and should be current. The guides cover warranty and first responder information which is slightly different between models. Tesla unfortunately change their content layout periodically and leave broken links. If you find a broken link, please let us know and we will try to correct it.

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