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Privacy policy

Tesla-info.com is owned by Digital and Analytical Services Limited

As a general principal, our site is free to use, does not require accounts to be created, and does not track specific users other than where mentioned under cookies which are used for 3rd party ad serving and limited technical feature of the web site.

Our web hosting company does capture basic information on all users of the web site for purposes including preventing denial of service attacks, and for reporting basic statistics such as number of unique visitors. This information is limited to basic technical information including ip address, date stamps and web browser/device.

This information is also used to limit excess use and abuse of our services including detecting users who circumvent our web pages and directly attack or data crawl via out API web services. This data is purged periodically and not retained beyond 3 months.

We consider this is the lightest touch we can achieve, providing you with the maximum privacy, and consistent with the basic operation of the internet and its features. We are under no obligation to provide these services to any user and if our minimal approach to capturing information is not acceptable to you, including after the limitation of cookies within browser settings, then we respectfully request that you do not use our services.

We also offer a facility for users to enter their Tesla account ID and password or Tesla Token. These are not stored but are transmitted to Tesla to retrieve the information requested. We have no ability to control Teslas use of this information but as the information is the same as the information used by owners with Tesla, we see this as an acceptable risk. We do however record a basic log that the request has been performed but with no personal data retained

How do we use cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of text that allows a website to recognize your device and maintain a consistent, cohesive experience throughout multiple sessions. If you use Tesla-info, both we and third parties will use cookies to track and monitor some of your activities and store and access some data about you, and your browsing history.

This policy describes how both we and other third parties use cookies and how you can exercise a greater degree of control over cookies. Please keep in mind that this may alter your experience with our platform.

General Browsing: We ourselves do not use any cookies directly.

Data Tables: The third party provider of the data tables display features (but not data within the table) may or may not use cookies from times to time to collect performance metrics of the tables with the purpose of product enhancement.

Advertising: We use cookies to enable advertising with our third-party Partners, which in turn allows us to provide all of our services free of charge.
These cookies:

What information is collected?

We do request any information about you, other than your basic use of our services.

Third Party Cookies. The use of cookies, the names of cookies, and other cookies related cookies technology may change over time. Please also note that companies and other organization that sponsor pages may use cookies or other technologies to learn more about your interest in their products and services and in some cases to tailor such products and services to you.

How do I restrict cookies?

If you don’t want us to use cookies when you visit our site, then please alter the settings within your browser settings to meet your preferences. While setting options may vary from browser to browser, you can generally choose to reject some or all cookies, or instead to receive a notification when a cookie is being placed on your device. For more information, please refer to the user help information for your browser of choice. Please keep in mind that cookies may be required for certain functionalities, and by blocking these cookies, you may limit your access to certain parts or features of the site.

Finally, while cookies are set for varying durations on your device, you can manually delete them at any time. However, deleting cookies will not prevent the site from setting further cookies on your device unless you adjust the settings discussed above.

Contact us

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this Cookies Policy, please contact us at: privacy (at) tesla-info (dot) com

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