2013 MS 85 in US listed at $28999

Car highlights

Details for a 2013 85
Model:MS 85
Sale type:Used
Location:Dallas, Texas
First seen:2019-03-15
Last checked:2019-12-11

Price history

Market comparison

Price today:$28999
Market Price:$39117
Market Odometer:62727
Number available:28
Good value by:$10118
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• free unlimited supercharging is transferable. Note that many teslas have free supercharging but when ownership transfers, this benefit may not. Most new teslas sold no longer include free supercharging and tesla stopped offering free supercharging as part of its referral program. • dual onboard chargers. Twin 10kw chargers makes it possible to charge at 240v/80a, taking full advantage of a tesla hpwc, juicebox 75, or similar equipment. • 4g lte upgrade in nov 2017. • trailer hitch with 1 1/4″ receiver and electrical harness. • full-size spare wheel with mounted tire. Also, a low-profile floor jack and lug wrench. Everything you need to perform a roadside (or garage) wheel change. Reduce price $150 if you’re not interested in these. The drive unit (motor) and high voltage battery are under warranty until april 6, 2021 (unlimited mileage). Notable repairs/maintenance: • front suspension sway bars and lower aft front suspension links replaced mar 2018 (at 109k miles). • condenser fan and radiator shutter retrofit in apr 2018 (at 111k miles). • drive unit (electric motor) replaced under warranty apr 2018 (at 111k miles). • high voltage pack (battery) rep
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