2012 MS 85 in US listed at $31950

Car highlights

Details for a 2012 85
Model:MS 85
Sale type:Used
Location:Denver, Colorado
First seen:2019-04-13
Last checked:2019-06-17

Price history

Market comparison

Price today:$31950
Market Price:$37819
Market Odometer:60026
Number available:10
Good value by:$5869
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The build sheet is missing the rear-facing seats, which were factory-added after purchase (attached is a picture for proof)
  • accidents: no accidents • pets: only my poodle on occasion (no shedding, so no one would ever know she was in there) • smoking: none • frequency of driving: daily driver • warranty: yes, still active ◦ original battery/drivetrain warranty until 11/2020 ◦ cpo bumper-to-bumper warranty until 01/2020 • title: clean • full range charge: approx
250 miles • service work: ◦ new drive unit: 01/2016 ◦ refurbished battery (fremont factory): 09/2017 ◦ new mcu: 05/2018 ◦ new hood: 01/2016 ◦ new side mirrors: 01/2016 ◦ new winter tires (blizzaks): 03/2019 • comes with oem 21” turbine wheels in silver on oem continental summer tires • also comes with 20” vossen cv2 wheels on brand new bridgestone blizzak winter tires • i am the second owner, having bought it cpo from tesla in highland park, illinois (delivered to me 1/22/2016).

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