2013 MS 85 in US listed at $0

Car highlights

Model:MS 85
Sale type:Used
First seen:2019-08-28
Last checked:2019-09-18

Price history

Market comparison

Price today:$0
Market Price:$39976
Market Odometer:62752
Number available:21
Good value by:$39976
Comprehensive details of the car listed are based on Teslas detail codes where we have them and our compiled price histories. All market information is based on the same model and year. The 'Value' figure is how this car compares to the average advertised price of similar cars. The market scatter plot shows all similar cars plotted by price and mileage.


Only the carfax buyback guarantee can offer you the comfort of knowing you made the right purchase. Why does this vehicle look so great? The carfax report shows it's only been owned by one owner. Opulent refinements married with exceptional engineering make this the kind of car you'll want to own for a lifetime. This vehicle includes important services and maintenance records, so you can feel more confident about your buying decision. If youre looking for world-class speed, acceleration, cornering and handling, dont blink because youll miss this truly amazing automobile. This vehicle comes with a navigation system. That doesnt mean you wont get lost. But it does mean you wont stay lost. With new tires, this vehicle is ready for miles and miles of driving. This car has an exceptional paint finish that shows no sign of age or wear. A unique vintage vehicle that exudes taste and sophistication. About this model: the problem with electric vehicles has always been range. Tesla has dealt with this by employing bigger and better batteries in the model s than have previously been seen in electric vehicles. Even with the smallest batteries in its most basic trim, tesla still claim
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