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this car is very reliable i really love tesla they know how to satisfied their costumers.if you guys purchase this car you will not regret it A spaceship in Frisco, Colorado by spacemanspiff on Thu Mar 12 2020 Driving this car is like moving from a rotary dial phone to a smartphone. Best car I have owned, a pleasure to drive. Fast and safe. Glad I stopped waiting! in Chicago by Happy Driver on Sun Sep 08 2019 My Model S 85 is 7 years old with 51, 000 miles. It’s amazing. The one I have isn’t the quickest. The quickest is the P85. My car is plenty quick though. The instant response to the go pedal spoils you. Not waiting for shifts spoils you. The quietness of the electric motor compared to combustion engines spoils you. The lack of engine vibrations is really nice. If you’re buying used, it’s likely that you’re only getting one key. And the key you’re getting may... very well have cracks, because many of the early keys developed them. Getting a new key with programming costs $175, which is cheaper than many other cars’ fancy keys. The key making can happen with a mobile appointment where the technician comes to you. However, before you can book that appointment you must create a Tesla account and get it linked to your car. It takes Tesla a week to link your Tesla account to your car, so that you can use your phone as a key, and pre heat or pre cool your car from your phone, among other things. Email customersupport@tesla.com with your car registration, driver’s license, mailing address and phone number to get the process started. Later cars got autopilot, which is advanced cruise control. Autopilot is not self driving, despite the hype. The early cars like my 2012 have simple cruise control, which works great. Later cars have better sound deadening, which makes a difference at expressway speeds. I plan to retrofit sound mitigation materials in my car. Tesla stopped offering the sunroof in later cars. That’s a feature that later model year Model S owners might envy. The sunroof is massive. It’s very close to being a targa top on a four door sedan. The most economical way to set up home charging to get a NEMA 14 50 outlet installed where you park. The Tesla Wall Charger is nice but unnecessary for most people. Free unlimited access to the Supercharger network came with all of the early 85KWh cars, and was a paid option for the 60KWh cars. So all 85s have it but not all 60s. None of the 40s have it. The exception is if your used Tesla passes through Tesla’s hands. Since late June, Tesla has been removing free supercharging from cars they receive in trade and which they sell on their website. So if you’re buying a used 85 or 60, go visit a local supercharging site on your test drive to see whether that particular car has access. A number of features can be retrofitted on early Model S cars. For example, back in 2012, these cars had 3G connectivity for navigation, software updates and remote access via your

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