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Tesla 2013 MS P85Plus
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2013 Tesla Model S P85+, loaded

Excellent condition Tesla, the flagship Model S: incredibly smooth, fast, and comfortable! Rear wheel drive (dual motor AWD wasn’t available yet). This one comes equipped with the largest battery Tesla offered at the time, 85kwh, which gives it a range of 400+ km. It also has features such as: “P” for the performance package which includes a larger and more powerful drive motor, which Tesla claimed 0 60 in 4.2 seconds, and Motor Trend tested at 3.9 seconds in 2012. “+” which is a handling package that Tesla offered, but very few of the cars have! large factory brakes by Brembo air suspension with Bilstein shock absorbers all around, which gives an excellent ride, plus keeps the car level when loaded, lowers on the highway for reduced wind resistance, and can be raised for extra ground clearance even programmable to raise at specific locations by GPS! large glass roof, front half moves rearwards as a sunroof tech package with proximity sensors that auto present door handles when approaching car factory premium sound system very clear and balanced sound. LED lighting package 3 sets of wheels/tires: 19” factory wheels with winter tires, a second set of 19” factory wheels with almost new Michelin tires, and one set of aftermarket wheels with summer tires with about 4/32 tread left. incredibly comfortable tan coloured heated leather seats with power adjustment for both front seats with programmable multiple driver memory. power tilt and telescopic steering wheel, leather wrapped with multiple controls amazing and huge touch screen with GPS that calculates your trip with very accurate power consumption and charging needs, plus TONS of other apps and games, Apple Music, streaming radio, Bluetooth, and garage door opener (can be programmed to open as you drive up, based off GPS). comes with Tesla home charger for your garage plus the portable charger and adapters for 120V/15A and 240V/40A (typical 3 prong welder plug), plus adapter for using at J1772 level 2 chargers (such as the ones at Ikea and many malls, hotels and restaurants) windows tinted to legal level with ceramic window tint WeatherTech floor mats front and rear, plus original Tesla carpeted mats. tons of storage for luggage: hatchback design with foldable seats, a rear lower luggage compartment under the floor, plus a large ‘frunk’ under the hood! 203, 000 km For charging there are many options available: at home definitely the cheapest and most convenient: the included Tesla wall mounted charger will fill the battery from empty in 4 5 hours. public level 2 charging stations, many of which are free (PlugShare app has a complete listing) Tesla’s supercharger network the best fast charging network available battery pack is around 92 95% of original capacity. Real world estimates are that the battery packs last for 500 800, 000 km before being degraded enough to warrant replacing. when new this car was about $120, 000. This is a lot of car for t

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