Convert any image to use the Tesla

Select a file and we will re-render it using the Tesla logo instead of simple pixels. This creates a pixelated image that from a distance looks like the original picture, but as you get closer you see its made up of lots of Tesla logos. The image can be saved for printing or sharing.

Because of the size of the images used and processing required, this can either take a while to complete or may just time out. We find a PC is the best way to use the tool as we have found smart phones and tablets can fail to render the image. The resulting image will also typically not fit on the screen, however a saved image is easier to view using software that usually displays photos. The image makes a great computer backdrop for hardcore Tesla fans!

Technical and legal stuff: the image processing is done by your computer and not uploaded to us at any time, as a consequence we don't see your images. We do use a library (p5.js) and details of this can be found on line, but we have no evidence that library downloads images. The copyright of any image you convert is your responsibility. The Tesla logo is of course the copyright of Tesla and we provide this only as a bit of fun and not for commercial use. if you find any bugs, then please let us know, but trying different sized and resolution images may give different results. We do have parameters we can tune and we've settled for what we think is a good balance. The examples below show before and after, zoom into the after image for the full effect.

Tesla image before pixelation
Tesla image after pixelation

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