Tesla US New CPO and Used cars

The most complete listing of US Used, CPO and stock and now including Model 3. You can order by column and filter results by using the options at the bottom of the table. You can also toggle on and off columns, eg autopilot, colour or number of seats. Click on any car for more details including a link to the listing.

More details Car: 2018 M3 100
 Price £49893
 Mileage 7165
More details Car: 2018 MS 75D
 Price £72500
 Mileage 50
More details Car: 2018 MS 100D
 Price £83200
 Mileage 50
Toggle options: Sale type - Mileage - Year - Colour - Interior - Wheels - Premium - Air - Subzero - Hifi - Autopilot - Seats - Roof - Battery - Ludicrous - Trim - Discount - Location
Price filter: Min price Max price

Select filters from the pull down list. New and CPO are Tesla held stock, Used are from independents. The Tesla discount column should be taken with some caution as this is the discount to the list price when the car was made and not to comparable cars today. We unfortunately can't warrant the information on this site. If you notice any errors then please email us.

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