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Details for a 2016 75
Model:MS 75
Sale type:Used
Seller:R Symons Ltd
Location:New milton
First seen:2018-11-28
Last checked:2019-05-18
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Price today:£0
Market Price:£45332
Market Mileage:34749
Number available:3
Good value by:£45332


Price: £46,000
19" alloy wheels, autopilot self steering & summon, black interior, free supercharging, front centre console, mobile app connectivity, zero annual road tax
White, beautiful example, the best value facelift example we have had in stock at under ? 50,000
This example does benefit from free road tax and transferable unlimited free tesla supercharging throughout europe
Autopilot software is enabled
Delivery throughout the uk no problem and we will also arrange a home charging point to be installed
Rsymons ltd, tesla and ev specialists since 2015
R symons ltd, the electric car specialist in bournemouth in dorset., 1 owner, r symons ltd - www
Uk, £46,000.
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